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MCM515: Radio News Reporting & Production

Radio is an electronic device designed to receive, decode, and amplify radio signals from radio stations, etc. Based on a person’s voice, radio is a uniquely personal medium, which attracts the listener’s imagination to fill images in the mind surrounding the broadcast sounds. Faster and more widely distributed than any other media, radio can comfort listeners with comforting conversation or background music, or it can bring them back to reality with controversy and current affairs. MCM515 Handouts pdf

MCM515 Handouts pdf

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Course Outline

Radio – Historical Background, Radio Broadcasting, Objectives of broadcasting in Pakistan, Emergence of FM Broadcast, Distinction between AM & FM, Radio News and its values, Measuring the importance of news, Types of radio news, Sources of news, Reporting, Qualities of a successful news reporter, Factual Reporting, Interpretative Reporting, Investigative Reporting, Radio news glossary Interview and its types, Essentials of a good interview, Fundamentals of radio news writing, Essentials of a good newsreader, Production and Planning, Budgeting, Jargon of Production, Talk show, Discussion, Radio Feature, Radio Documentary, Radio Drama, Special Audience program, Sports and Music, Ethics and limitations of media. MCM515 Handouts pdf


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MCM515 Handouts pdf
MCM515 Handouts pdf


MCM515: Radio News Reporting & Production

Objectives Of Broadcasting In Pakistan

At the time of the emergence of Pakistan, there were only three radios, namely; Lahore radio station, Dhaka radio station, and Rawalpindi radio station, in the newborn country. Some other areas have been considered where broadcasting in Pakistan is focused in the coming years. From the early to the early 90s of the last century, Radio Pakistan, later renamed Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation in 1972, enjoyed complete control in the radio broadcasting industry. This monopoly was interrupted by the emergence of F.M. broadcast in the private sector, but nonetheless, the public sector center enjoys close contact with people with multiple radio stations, F.M. and A.M. both, in all places and corners of the country.

F.M. streaming

F.M. broadcast in third world countries often and in Pakistan in particular, unfortunately, and accidentally, has been regarded as a form of broadcasting intended to play music and nothing else. Thus the purpose of establishing F.M. Pakistani channels has been scaled down to put meaningless and all-inclusive music, without planning and energy, on the air.

A.M. streaming

A.M. broadcasting, however, has selected certain key areas to broadcast, which can best be termed broadcasting purposes in Pakistan. They are as follows:

1. Information

To give information about something is to pass it on. Knowledge can range from any area of ​​life from science to art, from the underground to the infinite depths of the universe, from religion to humans, and from material to intangible. Radio is trying to bring the audience all the information they need to know.

2. Education

People education is a process of teaching and training; knowledge development and skill development. Radio, being a major broadcaster is able to present programs that focus on education in its transmission.

3. Entertainment

People also want to be happy. So radio broadcasts entertainment programs that include music, drama, disk-jockey, and comedy programs.

4. Islamic Ideology

As Pakistan is a Muslim country that strives for the name of Islam and therefore as a responsible institution, Radio Pakistan has played a commendable role in promoting and preaching Islamic teachings in the Light of the Quran, Sunnah, and Hadith.

5. Ideology of Pakistan

The two-nation theory provides blood and soul to the Pakistani ideology that seeks its roots in Islam. Radio Pakistan plays an important role in enlightening Pakistani ideas to listeners, especially our youth.

6. Cultural Promotion

Pakistan is a country of diverse regions and cultures. These traditions represent their diverse people and add rainbow colors to the great canvas of Pakistan. Radio Pakistan is doing its best to promote and preserve this multicultural image by producing programs that strongly reflect the beauty of various countries like Sindh, N.W.F.P., Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, and Punjab.

7. Promotion of Regional languages

As mentioned above Pakistan is blessed with a diverse but rich culture and any culture of the country is incomplete without its own language system. Through language, it is possible not only to preserve the culture for future generations but also to promote and disseminate it. Radio Pakistan is capable of programming in regional languages. Programs are currently being produced in 21 languages.

8. National Unity

A nation is often made up of many races and people with different ideas, beliefs, and opinions. The same is true in Pakistan. All Pakistanis who make up one Pakistani nation are free to have their own beliefs, political parties, and ideologies, but they have no power unless they are united. The main objective of any country in the media should be to coordinate the issue and its content in such a way that national unity can be achieved and strengthened. The same is true of Pakistani radio, which is very effective and efficient.

9. To develop the spirit of the nation in difficult times

Another important goal of Radio Pakistan is to keep the nation’s morale high in hours of challenge, depression, panic, or trial. For example, soon after the emergence of Pakistan, the first and foremost challenge before Pakistan was the revival of the muhajerin that left India with herds of sheep and herds. They were upset. They were sad. They were lonely in their homeland. Radio Pakistan has presented plans for sharing their demolition and provided them with the necessary information and guidance.

10. News Coverage

Another important purpose of radio broadcasting is the dissemination of news as on the radio the news outlets are broadcast almost day and night. Collecting news and writing on the radio is a very different and more difficult process than doing both jobs for other media like newspapers and TV. The radio puts the news on the air after four or five hours at different intervals from five minutes.


MCM515 Handouts pdf Here

MCM515: Radio News Reporting & Production Notes (pdf)