EDU654 Handouts pdf download | Addressing Problems of Learning through Pedagogy & Technology

EDU654: Addressing Problems of Learning through Pedagogy & Technology

Educational technology is often described as a technical tool or tool used to improve instruction. Educational technologies can include media, models, proposed and unexpected visuals, as well as audio, video, and digital media. EDU654 Handouts pdf

EDU654 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Humanities Distribution EDU654 Handouts pdf

Course Overview

In this course, various Information and Communication Technologies will be introduced that can be used throughout the curriculum. The most common learning difficulties students face will be discussed in more detail in this study. By using traditional, modern, and emerging technologies you will be able to design the right pedagogy to deal with learning difficulties. You will also learn to design learning situations that are academically relevant and relevant to the real-world needs and knowledge of your students. EDU654 Handouts pdf

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EDU654 Handouts pdf download
EDU654 Handouts pdf download


EDU654: Addressing Problems of Learning through Pedagogy & Technology

Pedagogical Tools

A teaching tool is anything that a person uses to learn or teach. Some teaching aids, such as textbooks, are considered “traditional,” but as the needs of students and teachers change, little traditional materials become teaching aids. Of course, what one considers to be a teaching tool varies from age to level, but almost anything can be a teaching tool in appropriate contexts. It is common for the amount of training required to use different tools to vary. Traditionally, teaching tools include things like worksheets, textbooks, handouts, and handmade models. 


Technology has played a major role in teaching these days, and students and teachers use tools such as websites or mobile device applications.

Teaching in the Classroom:

The teacher should be aware of the technology and its use in the classroom. He or she must plan ahead for problems that he or she may encounter while teaching and their solutions. Pedagogy is a never-ending learning process. There are different tools and techniques for pedagogy. Knowledge continues to reshape itself so that one teaching tool or skill is sufficient in all situations. Therefore, the teacher should try to evaluate the effectiveness of the tools used.

History of Teaching

Educated people of old, automatically became teachers. Priests and prophets teach the children of the rich and powerful to take their stand as leaders and businessmen. The priesthood was superior to most of the community, and they were treated fairly because of their knowledge and wisdom. Appreciating teachers was a widespread feeling, and respect for teachers was coupled with their high importance in those communities.

Informal to the Formal Classroom

In the old days, all education was disorganized. It was limited to activities such as hunting, fishing, purchasing work, protecting against natural disasters, and so on. A child can learn such life skills by participating directly in the daily life of the community. At the time, life was very simple. As well as social and cultural order. With the growth of civilization and advancement in the field of science and technology, the accumulated knowledge and skills became even more difficult, which created the need for formal education.


EDU654 Handouts pdf Here

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