MGT601 Handouts pdf download | SME Management Notes (pdf)

MGT601: SME Management

SME (small to medium-sized business) is a term that is suitable for distinguishing businesses from other organizations in a particular area between the size of a “small office space” (SOHO) and a large business. The European Union has defined SME as an independent company with no more than 500 employees. MGT601 Handouts pdf

MGT601 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Management

Course Outline

  • History, definition, and regional concepts of SMEs 
  • The Regional Concept of SMEs
  • The Role of Entrepreneurship in SMEs
  •  Kinds of Entrepreneurs
  •  Their Role and Functions in an Enterprise
  •  Small Entrepreneurs in Pakistan and Role of SMEs in Global and Regional Level
  •  The Development of SMEs in Pakistan
  • Government Efforts Towards SMEs Development
  • The Role of NGOs
  • Issues and Policy Development for SME
  • Short and Medium Term Issues for SME Policy Formulation
  • Long-Term Issues for SME Policy
  • The Start-up Process of a Small
  • Technical and Marketing Feasibility of the Identified Project
  • Financial Feasibility of SMEs
  • Problems Faced by Newly Established Company
  • Post and Field Problems Faced by a New Enterprise
  • Guide Lines for Approaching Lenders
  • Types of Collaterals/Guarantees / Assets and Pledge Techniques for Security
  • Aspects of Financial Management
  • Working Capital
  • Recruitment, Selection, And Training, Training and Development
  • Learning in an Organization
  • Quality Control
  • Role of Marketing in SME
  • Role of Technology, 
  • Export Potential of SMEs in Developing Countries 
  • Word Trade Organization
  • WTO Ministerial Conferences
  • Pakistan & WTO
  •  WTO Conclusions and Recommendations
  • MGT601 Handouts pdf


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MGT601 Handouts pdf
MGT601 Handouts pdf


MGT601: SME Management

Relationships Between Small and Medium Businesses

For small businesses that are strongly influenced by development within the big business sector these relationships serve the interests of common economic inequality. Small businesses are less affected by the economic crisis and are becoming more and more self-reliant. It often serves as an economic pillow . The type of connection between small and medium enterprises is less

1. Small contract of employment i.e. big business provides building materials and components to smaller units that process the same into finished goods.

2. buy a small contract i.e. in this case the goods are bought by a small unit that produces a part or part that is needed by a larger unit.

3. Compliant: in this case, a product made by a small company is purchased by a large unit as an accessory such as a plastic dust cover for video recorders, electronic passive components, packaging, etc.

4. Trading or trading: in this case, small units produce goods, and large units with the strength of their financial power market their products such as fans, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

SMEs in Pakistan

The Pakistani economy is an SME economy. Policies in the past have provided an overview, direction, and definition of broad operating limits within the macroeconomic framework, but efforts have focused on big business, ignoring SMEs that are the backbone of our economy while SMEs are referred to in other businesses. Our socio-economic strategies and policy documents, and measures are not sufficiently detailed and prioritized so that we can talk about any related SME policy or approach. The promotion of SMEs is an important issue in many government departments and head offices. However, there is a lack of coordination and common means of exchanging information between institutions which undermines their integrated delivery capacity in the SME development program.


MGT601 Handouts pdf Here

MGT601: SME Management Notes (pdf)