EDU602 Handouts pdf download | Educational Leadership and Management Notes (pdf)

EDU602: Educational Leadership and Management Handouts (PDF)

This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge to develop their understanding of academic management and leadership. It allows students to consider issues related to education policy and provides an opportunity to contribute to the development of the education system and institutions, and demonstrates the quality of teaching and learning. EDU602 Handouts pdf

EDU602 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Humanities Distribution EDU602 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Relationship of Effective Schools with, Concept of Leadership, Concept of Management, Leadership vs Management, Evaluation of Management Theory, Neo-Classical School of Management, Modern School of Management, Trait Theory of Leadership, Behavioral Theory of Leadership, Contingency Theory of Leadership, Leadership styles, Transformational Leadership Introduction, Process of Transformational Leadership, Transformational Leadership and Organizational Structure, Level 5 Leadership, Pathways to Greatness, Careersee Planning, Introduction to Leadership, Process of decision Making, Organizational Structure, Organizational Behaviour, Groups,

Communication in Organization, Barriers of Communication, Leadership and Power, Controlling, Motivation, Herzberg’s Motivational Theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Motivational Strategies, Team Building, Finance management, Conflict Management, Types of Conflict Management, Stress Management, Change Management, Models of Change, Organizational Change, Organizational Culture, Barriers of Decision Making, Total Quality Management, Educational Administration, Role of School Administration, Supervision. EDU602 Handouts pdf

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EDU602 Handouts pdf download
EDU602 Handouts pdf download


EDU602: Educational Leadership and Management

What Is a Good School?

“A good school is one that successfully accomplishes the goals set for participants by showing high marks and good results in exams”.

What is an Effective School?

The school is effective not only because of the nature of the subject (although it is important) but also because of the way it is created in a positive, supportive, rich, and communicative environment. (Gammage, 1985).

Positive Home-School Relations

  • In a successful school, the principal ensures that parents understand and support the school’s basic goal and are given the opportunity to play a key role in helping the school achieve this goal.
  • The relationship between parents and school should be a real partnership between school and home.
  • An effective school must build enough trust and communication to ensure that teachers and parents have the same goal — a successful school and a home for all children.
  • Bullying and any similar actions are all major problems where the school can contribute to the solution, but the school cannot solve them on its own.

Frequent Monitoring of Student Development

In a successful school, academic progress is often measured by the use of various assessment methods. The results are used to improve individual student performance and instruction.

Students who are constantly tested for their academic progress are more successful than those who do not.

Regularly assessed teachers provided teachers with the information they needed to make changes if some or all of the students were not able to learn the basics of the classroom.

Teachers can and should assess students’ learning more fully and systematically than standard tests.

Instructional Leadership

In a successful school, the principal acts as a teaching leader and effectively and persistently convey the goal to the staff, parents, and students.
The principal understands and applies the features of effective teaching practice in the management of the curriculum.

Effective school practices say that the principal is “a leader of leaders” and not a “leader of the followers”.
A principal cannot be the only leader in a complex organization like a school.



EDU602 Handouts Download Here

EDU602: Educational Leadership and Management Notes (pdf)