Telenor Group is a leading telecommunications company across the Asia and Nordics with more than 180 million customers and annual sales of around NOK 110 billion. Telenor is Norway’s leading telecom operator, with services ranging from fixed and mobile telephony to broadband and data communications services for residential and business customers, as well as wholesale services.




Jazz Internet Packages | Daily, Weekly, and Monthly and 3 Day Jazz Internet Packages

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Telenor Weekly YouTube Package

Clients can likewise initiate this proposal in the My Telenor App. At the point when a client has bought into this offer, they can involve 5000MB DATA on YouTube for 7 days. To check the excess bundle assets dial *999#.

Package Name Telenor Weekly YouTube Package
Price Rs. 80 incl. Tax
Internet 5000MB
Subscription Code Dial *220#
Remaining MB Check Code *999#
Balance Check Code *444#
Validity 7 Days

If you want to utilize free internet on Telenor then follow Telenor free internet packages 2022.
Most importantly Download the My Telenor application from the google play store and afterward open the application and enter your Telenor number in this application soon after some subsequent you will get the Message from Telenor that you got the 1GB free web from Telenor. Appreciate for free Telenor internet.

Howdy, everybody to get Telenor free MB code 2022 then follow this stunt till the finish to utilize the free web on your Telenor Sim. Telenor free 5gb internet. Telenor Fee 3G/4G Packages

To get Telenor free MB most importantly you want to download the wow box application from the google play store when you download the wow box application on the first login by utilizing your Telenor number you will get 1GB free Internet from Telenor and after the information exchange on Wow box application, you can get free 20Mbs day to day simply by guaranteeing your day to day award on Wow box application. Likewise assuming you buy in your Telenor web bundles and other Telenor bundles from the Wow box application. You will get free symbolic which you can use as cash in the wow box to guarantee different bundles

Hello, there companion would you like to utilize free WhatsApp on Telenor with no Telenor Internet bundles and furthermore need to utilize free Facebook with pictures on your Telenor Sim then you want Telenor free Facebook code and Telenor free Whatsapp code. In any case, today I will give you the two out of one code you can utilize Telenor free Facebook and Telenor free Whatsapp basic you simply need to dial *311#, and that’s all you get the Telenor free Facebook with pictures and Telenor free Whatsapp with downloading.

Presently I will furnish you with the most recent Telenor web intermediary of 2022. Intermediaries are some kind of INTERNET setting that assist users with squeaking the web server and utilizing free INTERNET. The majority of these intermediaries get obstructed in an extremely brief time frame however this Telenor free INTERNET intermediary is one of the most recent INTERNET intermediaries over the web you should attempt this once.

    • Telenor free internet Proxy 2022
    • First, download the Uc Browser
    • Now Goto access point and create a new( access point is mostly located in network setting )
    • Now in the name first right
    • in the APN field type internet
  • In proxy field type
  • In port type 80
  • Save the setting and turn on the data
  • Boom enjoy the free internet only in UC Browser


Telenor Free 3G 4G Packages
Telenor Free 3G/4G Packages


This 100 percent work on all Telenor 3G and 4G Sims. You Must Try this proposition
furthermore, Get free 3GB of Telenor web information.

Open your Phone Dialer and Dial * 655# from your Telenor Sim and
get free 3 GB of internet data.
Offer info3GB data
Validity7 Days
Enjoy Free internet on Telenor.


Simply Just call * 440# and Get Free 2 GB Telenor internet without
any charges.
Offer Charges zero
Offer info2Gb internet data
Offer Validity daily
Enjoy Free Telenor Internet


First, go to the play store and search
My Telenor App
Download and installed this app
after installed you produce an account with your Telenor number
After registering, you have Received 3Gb of free internet data.
Now you enjoy free internet on Telenor Sim.
Install My Telenor App & Get 3000 MBs FREE.

The following are Telenor free internet codes 2022 available to avail free net:

To enjoy free internet for a week telephone dial  * 888#.
To mileage of the free Telenor unlimited offer telephone dial * 345 * 75# also you can also try this code * 345 * 88#.
Enjoy the free 500mbs internet with the validity of ten days telephone dial * 5 * 700#.
If you want to mileage 2Gb internet also don’t worry just telephone dial * 345 * 1004# or * 345 * 477# 2 GB free internet will be transferred to your account.

To enjoy the free Facebook and WhatsApp offers just telephone dial * 331# or * 5 * 325# or * 311# or you’ll accept 1 Gb free internet offer for free only on WhatsApp and Facebook.
For free Telenor net offer telephone dial * 345 * 7777# or * 345 * 991# or * 345 * 818#.
You can also try this code * 991# or * 345 * 546#.


Hello Guys, there are numerous many individuals looking on the internet Telenor free internet. Then, at that point, you are at the perfect location. Here, we give you bit by bit manual for profit yourself of the free net, free internet Tricks, and furthermore, give Telenor free internet code 2022. This article will be extremely valuable for you to utilize free Telenor free internet. Today we will talk about the free limitless 3G and 4G update of Telenor Network. Telenor Fee 3G/4G Packages


Today we will examine a few valuable stunts, which are useful to partake in the free Telenor limitless net offers. Here, we will talk about some code dials on your Telenor SIM and appreciate free Telenor internet. We as of late examined Telenor Internet bundles that you can peruse in this article. TELENOR FREE INTERNET

Telenor free internet code 2022

To benefit from the free net on your Telenor SIM, then, at that point, you should follow the accompanying Telenor free internet codes 2022:

Telephone dial * 888#, to enjoy free internet for a week.
Telephone dial * 5 * 700#, to enjoy the free 500mbs internet with the validity of ten days.
To mileage of free Telenor net offer telephone dial * 345 * 7777# or * 345 * 818# or * 345 * 991#.
Telephone dial * 345 * 75#, to the mileage of the free Telenor unlimited offer, and also you can also try this code * 345 * 88#.
To enjoy the free WhatsApp and free Facebook offers just telephone dial  * 331# or * 5 * 325# or you’ll accept 1 Gb free internet offer for free only on Facebook and free Whatsapp.

To mileage 2Gb internet you just telephone dial  * 345 * 1004# or * 345 * 477# and also 2 GB free internet will be transferred to your account. TELENOR FREE INTERNET
You can also telephone this code * 991# or * 345 * 546#.

Telenor free internet proxy 2022


Here we will tell you the best way to utilize a free intermediary to utilize the free web.

Most importantly, For this stunt, you want to download the UC downloader.

After that you should make the intermediary setting as displayed beneath:

  • APN: Internet
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80

After your proxy configuration, you open your UC browser and enjoy the free internet offer.

Free internet app


For Telenor clients, this is an astonishing stunt. To exploit this, this deal will go to your Play Store and download the My Telenor application. Above all else, subsequent to downloading the My Telenor application, you will get a 1Gb free web offer.

First clear all information of this application, to appreciate all the more free web by this deal. You will see two choices show up on your screen, at whatever point you will open this application. You can tap on the Telenor Customer choice and you will get a free Telenor with Telenor who will appreciate free net with Telenor. TELENOR FREE INTERNET

Free Internet VPN 2022


For Telenor clients, this is a straightforward technique to get a free web offer by utilizing the VPN.

For this reason, you follow the accompanying advances:

Go to your play store.
From your play store, download the Sky VPN app.
Also, install the sky VPN app
Also, open the VPN app.
When you’ll open the VPN app also you’ll elect the united state.
Also, You’ll be suitable to enjoy the free internet offer with Telenor.

Telenor Free Internet Easypaisa

Telenor Internet
Telenor Fee 3G/4G Packages


For this trick of the free net, you just need to go to your Play Store

First of all, download the easy paisa app from your play store.
You’ll admit 100 rupees from an easy paisa account, after downloading this app.
Also fluently load these 100 rupees from your easy plutocrat account to your end.
After that, you’ll admit an evidence communication of 1000 free net offers with Telenor.

Telenor free internet your freedom


To enjoy free net on Telenor, the following steps are used, you follow these steps:

First of all, download your freedom app from the play store and install it on your phone.
Also, open this app.
When you open the app click on connect option.
Your VPN is connected and now the free net starts working. TELENOR FREE INTERNET

It has restricted admittance to the web. To get limitless admittance to the web actuates the preliminary. Presently you can partake in the limitless free net. Utilize this stunt just on zero equilibrium. TELENOR FREE INTERNET


Telenor Free 2GB Internet For WhatsApp


Presently every one of the clients of Telenor can utilize the free WhatsApp on their SIM. Telenor offers its clients 2GB of free WhatsApp information. Full subtleties are beneath. TELENOR FREE INTERNET

  • To subscribe to this offer dial
  • Dial *247#,
  • You will get 2 GB of data for WhatsApp
  • Charges:
  • There is no charge for this offer
  • Validity: 
  • This offer is valid for 1 month only.
  • Check:
  •  Dial *999#, and check the remaining data.

Telenor free 3gb internet 2022

To avail of free 3 GB on Telenor, you must follow the following steps:

Telephone dial * 655#, to subscribe to this offer.
After telephoning this, you’ll admit an evidence communication that you’ll admit a free net.
Offer charges There’s no charge for this offer.
Offers validity The validity of this offer is just for 7 days.

Free 5gb Telenor free internet Code 2022

You can get 5 GB of free internet on your son, by dialling this code. The complete details are given below:

Type a communication and write 1
Also, shoot this communication to 771381
you will get 5 GB of free internet data
Offer Charges There’s no charge for this offer.
Offers Validity This offer is valid only for 7 days.

Telenor Free 8Gb Internet Trick 2022

To enjoy 8Gb Free Telenor Internet, the following steps are used.

  • You will get 8Gb free Telenor internet.
  • Type 1 and then send it to 771368.
  • Offer charges: no charges

New 4G Sim Telenor free internet Code

Telenor invites its new clients through free information. whenever you purchased a new sim then you will get free 1000 MBs of internet. The total subtleties are given beneath:

Telephone dial * 954#, to subscribe to this offer on your sim.
You’ll get 1000 MB’s free internet data.
Offer Charges There’s no charge for this offer.
Offers Validity This offer is valid only for 1 week.

Telenor Sim Lagao Offer Free internet offer 2022

Clients who have not been dynamic since September 20, 2019, will actually want to involve their telephone for nothing for the following not many days (as per the subtleties underneath). Dial IVR 2222 to get the deal.

Customers who have not enacted their Sim since the twentieth Sep 2019, presently can actuate their inert Telenor Sim and profit from the free pack for the following 60 days (according to subtleties given underneath). Dial IVR 2222 to benefit from this proposition. Approach IVR 2222 or communicate something specific “FREE” to short code 2222. The Bonus will be posted around the same time on your Sim.

For complete details of free packages         Click Here.

Telenor Free Internet with HTTP App Injector


Here, I will tell you the best way to utilize 5 GB free web on Telenor with HTTP Injector. To get 5 GB free net, you should follow the given advances:

First of all, go to the google play store.
Also, download and install the rearmost interpretation of HTTP Injector in your phone.
You click then to download the configuration train to your phone.
Open the HTTP Injector.
Also, you Click to agree with the terms and conditions of the service.

Now you click on the menu bar and also click on the import.
Now, It’s time to upload the configuration train before you downloaded it.
Before you start, You’ll be asked to class in an SSH account.
Stilljust go to Fast SSh, If you don’t have an and produce your account.
After creating the account, you just come back to your HTTP Injector and click launch.
Eventually, at laststart enjoying Telenor-free internet 2021 with HTTP Injector 4G.


If you want to use free Facebook on your Telenor SIM, then this is a good free offer for you.

  • Open the dialer of your phone.
  • Dial *5*325#
  • to subscribe offer.
  • No charges for this offer.
  • Offers validity:
  • This offer is valid at least for 2 weeks.

This Telenor Free MB Chat activates 100MBs for free internet for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

Free Whatsapp Cheat code 2022

Telenor’s free WhatsApp chat code for chatting on WhatsApp without any balance is the last part of this article.

You should open the Dialer of your phone
Telephone dial * 331# to subscribe to the offer.
Within many twinkles, you admit evidence of communication.


Telenor offers its clients an assortment of remarkable strategies to appreciate free Telenor limitless net offers. Assuming you are a Telenor client, you can partake in the free net stunts talked about in this article. we can benefit from the free Telenor limitless offers, by downloading different applications like as sky VPN, my Telenor, and simple paisa as we have examined exhaustively by the intermediary setting.

This multitude of codes is 100 percent working. You should attempt these codes to utilize the free web on your Telenor SIM.