PSY631 Handouts pdf download | Psychological Testing & Measurement Notes (pdf)

PSY631: Psychological Testing & Measurement Handouts (PDF )

Psychological tests (also known as mental tests, psychological tools, mental tests, inventory, and measurement scales) are standard measurements for certain mental variations such as personality, intelligence, or emotional function. PSY631 Handouts pdf

PSY631 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Psychology PSY631 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Psychological Assessment and Tests, Historical Background of Psychological Testing, Types of Tests and Their Significance, The Testing Process: Test Administration and Test Taking, Test Norms, Domain Referenced Test Interpretation, Test Construction, Item Writing, Reliability, Types of Reliability, Reliability in Specific Conditions and Allied Issues, Validity, Decision Theory, Threats to Validity and Related Issues, Item Analysis, Assessment of Intellectual and Cognitive Abilities, Measurement of Intelligence testing, Piagetian Approach: Measurement of Cognitive Development, Individual Tests of Ability for Specific Purposes, Group Testing,

Specific Purposes Tests, Tests for Special Populations, Personality Testing, Objective / Structured Tests of Personality, Projective Personality Tests, Personality: Measurement of Interests and Attitudes, Locus of Control, Health and Self-efficacy, Alternate Approaches to Personality Assessment, Testing and Assessment in Health Psychology, Measuring Personal Characteristics for Job Placement, Achievement and Educational Tests, Multicultural Testing, Adaptive Testing and Other Issues, Social and Ethical Considerations in Testing, Assessment and Psychological Testing in Clinical & Counseling Settings PSY631 Handouts pdf

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PSY631 Handouts pdf download
PSY631 Handouts pdf download


PSY631: Psychological Testing & Measurement

Psychological Tests: Why Do We Need Them?

“Psychology is the study of behavioral science and psychological processes …. Man or Animal” (Feldman) There are three keywords used in this definition… ..scientific research, ethics, and psychological processes. the method used by psychologists. The scientific method ensures that the results or conclusions of the research are objective and consistent and for this purpose, psychologists use carefully designed tools to collect data. Psychological testing is one of those tools.

Difference between Testing and Assessment

Testing and assessment are used interchangeably, but mean something different. Exploring a “product” that measures a particular behavior or set of goals. Meanwhile, assessment is seen as a process instead of a product. Assessment is used during and after instruction.

What Is a Test?

“Evaluating a measurement device or method used to measure behavior or to assist in understanding and predicting behavior” (Kaplan, & Saccuzzo, 2001). Testing involves more than just testing. The standard test program may include tests or multiple tests, interviews, behavioral monitoring, and case history data. In many cases, even additional sources of information about human behavior and psychological processes are also used e.g. portfolios contain samples of a person’s ability (especially a student or job seeker) such as photographs, drawings, stories, or essays.

Ethics in Psychological Testing

Like psychiatric research and psychotherapy, we need to keep in mind ethical standards while using psychological tests to assess human behavior, personality, or other factors. Confidentiality, respect for customer/study privacy, and the use of test results only in accordance with their will and conduct. Procedures for review, translation or reporting should never harm the topic.

Historical Background of Psychological Testing

As with all modern guidelines, major advances in psychiatric testing have occurred in the west, particularly in the U.S. However, if we try to trace the roots of psychological testing we will end up in the East rather than in the west. Researchers and historians agree that China was probably the first country to develop and implement experiments with a legitimate concept of mental balance.

Man has always been interested in knowing and understanding other people. The ‘how’ and ‘why’ of one’s mind and behavior have always been of interest to man. Mindfulness, formal or informal, has been one of the tools used for this purpose. And mental balance is what psychology tests do. As students of psychology, we know that the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle propagated their theories about human fragmentation some centuries before Christ (300-400 BC). Some Greek philosophers spoke of attitude and humor. However, we should also note that the Chinese had developed a system of mind measurement even around 2200 BC.


PSY631 Handouts Download Here

PSY631: Psychological Testing & Measurement Notes (pdf)