PSY514 Handouts pdf download | Consumer Psychology Notes (pdf)

PSY514: Consumer Psychology  Handouts (PDF )

Consumer psychology refers to the processes that customers and clients use to select, purchase, use and dispose of products and services. In the business world, consumer psychology research helps firms develop their products, services, and marketing strategies to strengthen sales. PSY514 Handouts pdf

PSY514 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Psychology PSY514 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Introduction to consumer psychology, Implementing the marketing concept, Marketing mix), Value and retention focused marketing consumer decision-making process, Consumer research (consumer research paradigms), Major steps in the consumer research process, Quantitative research designs & data collection methods, Quantitative research data collection techniques, Qualitative research designs & data collection methods, Customer satisfaction measurement, sampling, and data analysis and reporting,

Market segmentation and its bases, Bases for segmentation demographic & psychographic segmentation, Bases for segmentation: sociocultural, use related & usage situation segmentation, Bases for segmentation: benefit segmentation, Bases for segmentation: hybrid segmentation strategies, Market segmentation, How culture is learned environmental influences, Culture and its measurement environmental influences, Measurement of culture environmental influences, Subculture, Age and gender subculture, Bases for segmentation: benefit segmentation, Social class, Consumer social classes, Understanding personality, Consumer Personality, Trait Theory and Self Images,

Consumer motivation, Understanding learning, Instrumental conditioning, information processing and memory, Attitude formation and change, Attitude change strategies, Consumer decision making, Problem recognition, search and evaluation and decision and purchase, Decision and purchase, Decisions related to post-purchase, Marketing implications of decisions related to post-purchase, Post-purchase evaluation, Post-purchase dissonance, Consumerism – Issues and Responses. PSY514 Handouts pdf

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PSY514 Handouts pdf download
PSY514 Handouts pdf download


PSY514: Consumer Psychology 

Consumer Psychology

“Consumer psychology is the study of how people relate to the products and services they buy or use.” Consumer psychologists study almost every possible psychological and behavioral response within the context of a person’s role as a consumer. And in line with the goals of outsourced psychologists, research conducted by consumer psychologists is designed to interpret, predict, explain, and/or influence consumer responses to a product- and service-related information and self-disclosure.

Representations in Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology contains a wide range of theoretical, theoretical, and practical concepts. At present, however, the strongest representation comes from researchers in the fields of cognitive psychology, social psychology, marketing, and marketing.

Consumer behavior

Consumer behavior is the study of behaviors that consumers display during the process of searching, purchasing, using, testing, and disposing of products and services they expect to meet their needs.’ Consumer behavior consumer learning and the processes they use to select, use (eat), and discard products and services, including consumer responses to emotions, mind, and behavior. Consumer behavior incorporates ideas from a number of disciplines including psychology, biology, chemistry, and economics.

Consumer Behavior describes two types of consumer goods:

  • Personal User once;
  • Organization User

Personal buyer

She buys clothes for herself, to use at home or as a gift for friends/family.  A personal shopper is someone who helps others shop by giving advice and making suggestions.  Personal shoppers can buy everything, from food to furniture, but many personal buyers buy their customers clothing and accessories. PSY514 Handouts download pdf

Development of Marketing Concept and the Disciplines of Consumer Psychology and Consumer Behavior

The Consumer Psychology and Consumer Behavior fields are based on the development of the Marketing Concept, a Business Practice that emerged in the 1950s through a few different business practices, referred to, respectively, such as production, product, and marketing.


PSY514 Handouts Download Here

PSY514: Consumer Psychology  Notes (pdf)