PSY513 Handouts pdf download | Forensic Psychology Notes (pdf)

PSY513: Forensic Psychology Handouts (PDF )cc

Forensic Psychology is a professional psychological work that is characterized by activities primarily intended to provide psychosocial technology within the legal and legal systems. PSY513 Handouts pdf

PSY513 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Psychology PSY513 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Introduction to Forensic Psychology, Pros and cons of a career in Forensic Psychology, Forensic psychology and police, Issues of police like the use of excessive force and corruption, PSTR (post-shooting traumatic Response), Investigative psychology, Crime scene investigation, Psychological models of Violence, Instincts & violence, Psychoanalytical perspective And rage, Defense mechanisms and Violence, Difference of Freudian unconscious and the Jungian collective unconscious, Behaviorist perspective and Violence, The schedules of reinforcement, Punishment schedules of punishment implications for violence, Social learning theory and Criminal behavior, Moral development and Violence, Bio-psycho-social model, Islamic perspective about violence, NAFS, and violence, Treatments for the soul,

Criminogenic personality, Borderline personality disorder (BPD), Terrorism and psychopaths, Learning disabilities/mental Retardation and violence, Assessment of personality Disorders, Psychopathy check list-revised, Risk assessment, Treatment of violent behavior / Personality, Group therapy for offenders, Psychotherapies in forensic Settings, Narrative therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Scaling questions, Psychotherapy in forensic, Settings and special challenges, Forensic psychotherapy, Violence reduction program, Salient features of violent Reduction program, Victim support, Supportive therapies, Substance misuse treatment Program, Substance misuse treatment Program, Expert witness, Counter terrorism. PSY513 Handouts pdf

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PSY513 Handouts pdf download
PSY513 Handouts pdf download


PSY513: Forensic Psychology

What is Forensic Psychology?

Forensic Psychology is devoted to the psychological aspects of legal proceedings in the courts. The term is often used to refer to the mastermind of investigations and crimes. The word “forensic” means law; anything that is legal comes into the realm of forensic psychology. The list of uses of forensic psychology is not limited to criminals, it covers all matters pertaining to our laws and social programs such as courts, police, lawyers, criminal investigations, criminal conduct, police recruitment, training, and correction, etc.

Short History Background

Historically the legal system has embraced medical technology, so it is not really surprising that legal issues related to insanity and insanity continue to be explored within the medical framework; hence the adoption of terms such as ‘mental illness and ‘mental illness.
Historically, this field preceded the Sociological jurisprudence movement of 1930-1950 and dates back to at least 1908 when Hugo Munsterberg (founder of application psychology) published his book On the Witness Stand.

Some cite historical estimates in Germany when psychiatrist Albert von Schrenck-Notzing testified in court about the pre-trial declaration from 1896. German police hired psychologists to assist with the investigation in the 1920s.

Developed as part of the APA

In 2001 the American Psychological Association (APA) authorized the establishment of a new category called the forensic psychology division. And nowadays Psychologists often consult with the courts on a variety of issues.

Now when I add to the equation that the history of Forensic Psychology as a unique discipline is relatively short, it is not difficult to understand why it is difficult to promote a clear identity of themselves, and why it is often interpreted as poor. the relationship of medical vision and psychology. Medical professionals are often invited by the courts to comment on insanity. Psychiatrists had been called for help but were rare. But over time the legal system began to feel an urgent need for psychologists to examine different situations, attitudes, and criminal behavior.


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PSY513: Forensic Psychology Notes (pdf)