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PSY409: Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life worth living, focusing on both the individual and the social well-being. It learns “a good sense of humor, good personal qualities, and good facilities…. aims to improve the quality of life.” PSY409 Handouts pdf

PSY409 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Psychology PSY409 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Positive psychology, Introduction,Perspectives on positive psychology, Classification and measures of human strengths, Positive outcomes, Positive Emotions, Happiness, and subjective wellbeing,Determinants Of Subjective Well-Being, Emotion-Focused Coping, Emotional Intelligence, Socioemotional Selectivity, Self-Efficacy, Optimism, Hope, Positive Development Across The Life Span: Resilience, Resilience In Later Years, Wisdom, Courage, Mindfulness, Flow, Spirituality, Altruism, Gratitude, Measuring Gratitude, Forgiveness, Attachment, Flourishing relationships, Moving Toward Balanced Conceptualizations, Enhancing the Good, Enhancing the Good & Positive Schooling, Positive Schooling, Good Work, A Positive Look at the Future of Psychology. PSY409 Handouts pdf


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PSY409 Handouts pdf
PSY409 Handouts pdf


PSY409: Positive Psychology

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology is the pursuit of science and the efficiency of human performance and adds a long-term focus on weakness and illness. Positive psychological efforts continue to shift the focus from focusing only on fixing the worst things in life to building positive qualities while the traditional focus on psychology has focused on pathology.

Asks fundamental questions:

o What kinds of families lead to prosperous children?
o What working conditions support the greatest satisfaction among employees?
o What policies lead to strong community participation?
o How can people’s lives be so important?

Dimensions of Positive Psychology

The range of potential areas of interest in psychology science is vast, however, some broad scales have been used to describe the new environment in a general way. In order to develop talent and make life more fulfilling, positive psychological science focuses on three areas of human experience that help define the scope and shape of a good psychological vision.

Title level

At the subjective level, positive psychology looks for positive moods or positive emotions such as happiness, happiness, satisfaction in life, rest, intimacy, and satisfaction. Positive confession can also include positive thoughts about the individual and the future, such as trust and hope. Positive affirmations may also include feelings of strength, power, and confidence, or the effects of positive emotions such as laughter.

Individual Level

At the individual level, direct psychology focuses on the study of the individual’s positive traits, or the persistent and persistent behavioral patterns seen in people over time. This research may include individual characteristics such as courage, perseverance, honesty, or intelligence. That is, positive psychology involves the study of morals and traits that have historically been used to describe the “power of characters” or good qualities. It can also include the ability to develop a sense of beauty or to enter into the creative power and motivation to pursue beauty.

Community / Group Level

At the group or community level, direct psychology focuses on the development, creation, and maintenance of good institutions. In this area, affirmative psychology addresses issues such as social development, building healthy families, learning about healthy workplaces, and constructive communities.

Psychology’s Forgotten Mission

Psychology did not focus on the dynamic, healthy, and positive aspects of humanity. In fact, for many years professional psychology neglected to study the positive aspects of human behavior.


PSY409 Handouts

PSY409: Positive Psychology Notes (pdf)