MTH601 Handouts pdf download | Operations Research Notes (pdf)

MTH601: Operations Research

Operations Research (OR) is an analytical and practical solution to organizational management. In performance research, problems are broken down into basic components and solved by steps described in statistical analysis. MTH601 Handouts pdf

MTH601 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Mathematics MTH601 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

An Overview and Back Ground, OR Process, OR techniques and Applications, Networks, Inventory Control Models, Linear Programming, Duality Analysis, Transportation Problems, Assignments Problems, Queuing Theory, Replacement Models, Dynamic Programming, Miscellaneous (Introduction of some new programs).MTH601 Handouts pdf


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MTH601 Handouts pdf
MTH601 Handouts pdf


MTH601: Operations Research

“Operational¬† Research is the application of scientific methods to complex problems arising from the management and management of large men’s programs, machinery, building materials, and finance in industry, business, government, and defense. , strategies and controls. The purpose is to help managers determine their policies and actions scientifically. “

An even more concise description may be “Science applied to management”, however, it can be explained, no doubt OR provides a mathematician – of any discipline – the opportunity to apply scientific skills in the field of Management. . Before we go any further let us explain in order to clarify some basic words.


It can be similar to decision-making and control. Government ministers deal with industrial economics making decisions in their companies and each person makes their own decisions. Management Science is a study of problems such as summarizing and applying the theory that results in real-life situations. Its two basic disciplines are ethics and science and measurement methods.
Operations Research (OR) is the use of plural methods in decision-making. Constantly create problems and evaluate the potential outcome of a different step, in order to make informed and effective decisions.

Operations Research Techniques:

Two-fifths of the process OR method, model construction, and solution, involve the actual application of the strategies OR. These strategies can be freely divided into five stages.

1) A straightforward mathematical approach involves first, identifying a problem as solved by a sequential system; second, constructing a fixed problem and finding a solution using established mathematical strategies. It derives its name from the fact that working relationships in the mathematical model lines and solution strategies consist of pre-determined mathematical steps i.e. system.

2) Probabilistic techniques cover that problem where all the parameters can be known with certainty. The results of the solution are thought to be known as uncertainties, which may be another solution.

3) Innovation strategies are specifically designed to analyze the innovation problem that business firms often face. This business activity is special to your attention, as it represents an important cost area for almost every business. This category is divided into probable and deterministic strategies.

4) Network strategies include models represented by drawings instead of strong mathematical relationships i.e. image representation of the process being processed. These models can represent potential or determinant systems.

5) Other strategies include all the remaining strategies, not falling under the four headings mentioned above. For example, the Dynamic system uses a different modeling method and solution than a specific system. In an indirect program or purposeful tasks or limitations or both can be indirect tasks, which may require a completely different solution strategy.

Micro Economic Planning:

This type of work includes an example: Organizing the Company’s operations. Improving the structure of the company’s work environment. Finding the size of the hospital in the area etc. There is great potential for use OR in this planning field in our country.


MTH601 Handouts pdf Download Here

MTH601: Operations Research Notes (pdf)