MTH301 Handouts pdf download | Calculus II Notes (pdf)

MTH301: Calculus II

Calculus is a mathematical tool used to measure changes in visual values. – Calculus and Mathematics of Motion and Change. – Where there is movement or growth when a flexible working force produces acceleration, Calculus is the right number to use. MTH301 Handouts pdf

MTH301 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Mathematics MTH301 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Perform arithmetic operations. Simple and compound interest. Perform basic calculations of the percentages, averages, commission, brokerage and discount. Solve linear equations in one variable, Matrices, Mathematics of Merchandising, Break-even Analysis, Measures of central tendency. Measures of dispersion and skewness, Line fitting. Time series and Exponential smoothing. Permutations and Combinations. Elementary Probability, Chi-Square, Binomial Distribution, Normal Distributions, Estimating from Samples, Hypothesis testing: Chi-Square Distribution. MTH301 Handouts pdf


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MTH301 Handouts pdf
MTH301 Handouts pdf


MTH301: Calculus II

  Integral Calculus

Discusses the Issue of Determination Work from information about its Change rates. Integral Calculus Empowers Us
(1) Calculate the length of the curves
(2) Identification of unfamiliar regional locations on a plane.
(3) Obtaining volumes and quantities of solids not suitable
(4) Calculate the future location of a body from its current location and the information of the powers that operate in it.

Reference Axis System

Before giving the concept of the Reference Axis System we remember the concept of the real line and get some points in the real line as shown in the picture below, and remember that the real number system contains both Rational and Irrational numbers which means we can write. a set of real numbers as a logical and irrational number union.

Concept of a Functions

Historically, the word, function, means the dependence of one value on another value. The value x is called the independent variable and the value y is called the dependent variable. We write y = f (x) and we read that y is the function of x. The number y = 2x defines y as the function of x because each value given x determines the unique value of y

Examples of function

The area of ​​a circle depends on r per equation A= πr 2 so, we say that A is the function of r. – The volume of a cube depends on the length of its side x by equation V = x3 so, we say V is the function of x. – The V velocity of the ball that falls freely in the gravitational field increases over time t to the ground, so we say V is the work of t. – In bacterial culture, the number N current after one day of growth depends on the N number of bacteria present in the beginning, so we say that N is the function of n.

Polar coordinates

You know that the point of any point in a plane can be found in two straight lines known as the x and y-axis and together we call the Cartesian coordinates of the plane. In addition to this integration program, we have another linking system that can also use to locate any point in the aircraft. In that connection system, we represent the location of each particle in the plane as “r” and “θ” where “r” is a distance from a fixed point known as a pole and θ is the angle of inclination.


MTH301 Handouts pdf Download Here

MTH301: Calculus II Notes (pdf)