MGT611 Handouts pdf | Business & Labor Law Notes (pdf)

MGT611: Business & Labor Law

This course focuses on various business and labor laws prevailing in Pakistan by first introducing the legal system of Pakistan and then describing various laws. MGT611 Handouts pdf

MGT611 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Law

Course Outline

Scope of Law and Legal System of Pakistan: Concept of law – Significance of law, Meaning and importance of jurisprudence, Kinds of jurisprudence including Analytical jurisprudence, Historical jurisprudence, Ethical jurisprudence. Definitions of law according to point of view of different jurists, Classification of law, Essentials of imperative law, Legal sources of law including Legislation) Precedents, Customs, Agreements Law of Contract (Contract Act, 1872): Definitions and concept of agreement, promise, promiser, promisee, consideration, void agreements and proposal. Concept and scope of consideration, Essentials of a valid contract including Offer and acceptance,

Legal relationship, Legal consideration, Competent parties, Free consent of the parties, Concept of the legal capacity of contracting parties, Importance and scope of free consent, Kinds of contracts including Valid contract, Voidable contract, Void contract, Unenforceable contract, Express contract, Implied contract, Executed contract, Executory contract, Contingent contracts, Performance of contracts, Performance of reciprocal promises, Discharge of contract, Different modes in which a contract is standing discharge including By performance, By impossibility of performance, By agreement of parties, By operation of law,

By breach of contract, Essentials of valid tender including the following: Breach of contract, Remedies for breach of contract including Suit for damages: Sec. 73, Suit for compensation– Party rightfully rescinding contract entitled to compensation: Sec. 75, Suit for specific performance, Suit for Injunction, Contracts of indemnity and guarantee, Contracts of bailment and pledge, Contracts of agency & Scope of the contract of agency Law of Partnership (Partnership Act, 1932): Concept of partnership, Essentials and kinds of partnership, General duties of partners, Mutual rights and liabilities of partners Law relating to companies (Companies Ordinance, 1984): Objects of Company’s Ordinance, 1984, Scope of the company, Different legal definitions, Advantages of incorporation,

Formation of company, Memorandum of association, Article of association, Prospectus of a company, Effect of registration, Kinds of shares, Winding up of a company, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Concept of corporate governance Law of negotiable instruments: Concept, object, and purpose of this Act, Types of negotiable instruments, Essentials of the promissory note, Essentials of the bill of exchange, Essentials of a cheque, Types of cheques, Concept of crossed cheque, Distinguishing features between these instruments, Endorsement, Parties to a negotiable instrument, Negotiation of the instruments,

Discharge from liability Law relating to the transfer of property (Transfer of Property Act, 1932): Concept of transfer of property, Sale of immovable property, Concept of sale and agreement to sell, Mortgages of immovable property, the scope of mortgages and types of mortgages, Lease of immovable property, Essentials of the lease, Transfer of property through the exchange, Transfer of property through gifts, Transfer of actionable claims Law relating to sales of goods: Scope of the Sales of Goods Act, 1932, Carriage of goods by different modes, Concept and essentials of sales of goods, Classification of goods, Concept of condition and warranty,

Performance of the contract of sales of goods, Carriage of Goods, Carriage by land, Carriage by sea, Carriage by air Law of trust: Law of trust, Concept of trust, Purpose of trust, Duties and liabilities of trustees, Rights of trustees, Extinction of trust, Revocation of trust Law of insurance: Concept of insurance, Essentials of a contract of insurance, Classification of insurance business, Life insurance,

Fire insurance, Marine Insurance Industrial Relations Ordinance, 2002: definitions, trade unions, worker’s participation and dispute resolution, Labour courts – Procedure and powers, Awards and decisions, Appeal to the High Court, National Industrial Relations Commission, Law Relating to Compensation to Workmen: Definitions, Workmen Compensation, Commission Law Relating to Factories: definitions, health and safety standards for factories, Penalties Law relating to the payment of wages: Employees social security ordinance, 1965, definitions, Employees social security institutions, Contribution for social security, Benefits for workers, Determination of claims, Social security courts, Offences and prosecutions MGT611 Handouts pdf

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MGT611 Handouts pdf
MGT611 Handouts pdf


MGT611 Handouts pdf pdf 

MGT611: Business & Labor Law Notes (pdf)