MGT501 Handouts pdf | Human Resource Management Notes (pdf)

MGT501: Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is the practice of recruiting, hiring, deploying, and managing an organization’s employees. HRM is often referred to simply as human resources (HR). MGT501 Handouts pdf

MGT501 Handouts pdf

  Course Category: Management

Course Outline

Introduction to HRM, Essentials of Management, Organization and components of Organization, People and Their Behavior, Individual Vs. Group Behavior, Personnel management to human resource management. Human Resource Management in changing environment, workplace diversity. Functions and Environment of HRM. Line and Staff Aspects of HRM, Legal Context of HR, Human Resource Planning (HRP). Strategic planning and HRIS, Job Analysis, Sources of Recruitment, Selection, Selection Tests, Selection Process, Socialization,

Training and Development, Maximizing Learning, Career Management, Performance, Performance Appraisal, Job evaluation and Pricing, Compensation System, Benefits, Role of Money in Performance of Employees, Motivation, Occupation, Health & Safety, Stress, Communication in Organization, Trade unions, Conflict and Negotiation, Power and Politics, Employee Rights and Discipline, Leadership, international dimensions of HRM MGT501 Handouts pdf


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MGT501 Handouts pdf
MGT501 Handouts pdf


MGT501: Human Resource Management

What is human resource management?

As we said that HRM is the management of people working in an organization, it is a subject related to humans. For simplicity, we can say that it is the management of humans or people. HRM is a managerial function that tries to match an organization’s needs to the skills and abilities of its employees. Human Resource Management is responsible for how people are managed in the organizations. It is responsible for bringing people into the organization helping them perform their work, compensating them for their work, and solving problems that arise.

Factors Contributing to the Growing Importance of HRM

There is a number of factors that affect the growing importance of HRM.

a. Increased Complexity of the Manager’s Job

Workers are demanding that organizations accommodate their personal needs by instituting such programs as flexible work schedules, parental leave, child-care and elder-care assistance, and job sharing. The human resource department plays a central role in establishing and implementing policies designed to reduce the friction between organizational demands and family responsibilities.

b. Increased Complexity of The Manager’s Job

Management has become an increasingly complex and demanding job for many reasons, including foreign competition, new technology, expanding scientific information, and rapid change. Therefore, organizations frequently ask human resource managers for assistance in making strategic business decisions and in matching the distinctive competencies of the firm’s human resources to the mission of the organization. Executives need assistance from the human resource department in matters of recruitment, performance evaluation, compensation, and discipline.

c. Legislation And Litigation

The enactment of state laws has contributed enormously to the proliferation and importance of human resource functions. The record-keeping and reporting requirements of the laws are so extensive that to comply with them, many human resource departments must work countless hours and often must hire additional staff. Four areas that have been influenced most by the legislation include equal employment, Compensation, safety, and labor relations. An organization’s failure to comply with laws regulating these areas can result in extremely costly back-pay awards, class action suits, and penalties.


MGT501 Handouts 

MGT501: Human Resource Management Notes (pdf)