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MGMT627: Project Management

Project management is the process of leading teamwork to achieve all project objectives within the given challenges. This information is often described in project documents, created at the beginning of the development process. The main obstacles are scope, timing, and budget. MGMT627 Handouts pdf

MGMT627 Handouts pdf

  Course Category: Management MGMT627 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

• Introduction to Project Management • Definitions and Nature of Projects • Concepts of Project Management • Project Management Methodologies and Organizational Structures • Project Life Cycles, The Project Manager • Project Conception and Project Feasibility • Project Selection • Project Proposal • Project Planning • Work Breakdown Structure • Schedules and Charts • Total Project Planning • Project Scope Management • Network Scheduling Techniques • Pricing and Estimation

• Quality in Project Management • Principles of Total Quality • Customer Focused Project Management • Quality Improvement Tools • Project Effectiveness through Enhanced Productivity • Cost Management and Control in Projects • Project Management through Leadership • Communication in the Project Management • Project Risk Management, Project Procurement • Contract Management • Ethics in Project Management MGMT627 Handouts pdf


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MGMT627 Handouts pdf
MGMT627 Handouts pdf


MGMT627: Project Management

What Is Management?

Management is the art of getting things done by working with people in organized groups. Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, successfully accomplish the chosen objectives of any project. The art of creating an environment in which people can act as individuals but work together to achieve group goals.

Functions of Management:

The management process consists of four basic management functions. These are:


Planning is the process of setting goals for any project and determining what needs to be done to achieve it. It is the main administrative function. Managers at all levels plan. Planning activities determine the purpose of the organization and based on this help it to develop appropriate strategies to achieve them. These strategies guide the organization and work to find similarities between the external environment and the internal forces. Strategies aimed at achieving continuous competitive advantage over competitors.


Organizing is a process of assigning tasks, allocating resources, and organizing integrated tasks to implement programs. It involves establishing the intended structure of roles for people to fill in organizations.


Leading is the process of motivating and directing the efforts of staff in achieving the project and organizational goals. It involves influencing people to contribute to organizational and group goals. Leadership is primarily concerned with the aspect of human relations. In projects, the most important problems arise from people about their desires, attitudes, and behaviors (as individuals and groups). Thus, successful project managers also need to be effective leaders. Leadership means adherence and people tend to follow those who offer ways to satisfy their needs, desires, and desires.


Control is the process of measuring performance and taking steps to ensure the desired results in any project. It involves measuring and adjusting the performance of the individual and the organization to ensure that the events are in line with the plans.

Why Projects are initiated?

Projects start in the following situations:
• When you start a new business.
• To improve/modify a product or service
• Relocation and/or closure of premises
• To obtain regulatory authority.
• For certain social issues
• To redo the process to reduce complaints, reduce cycle time, and eliminate errors.
• By launching a new system or process.
• Introducing new tools, tools, or strategies.


MGMT627 Handouts Here

MGMT627: Project Management Notes (pdf)