MGMT623 Handouts pdf download | Leadership & Team Management (alternative HRM623) Notes (pdf)

MGMT623: Leadership & Team Management (alternative HRM623)

Successful modern leaders need to be competent and confident in building and developing strong and motivated teams that deliver outstanding performance consistent with the strategic goals of the organization. MGMT623 Handouts pdf This course highlights the processes and strategies that leaders have in place to improve their efficiency and maintain high team performance. 

MGMT623 Handouts pdf

  Course Category: Management  MGMT623 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Concept of Organization, Organization as a system, Concept of leadership, Trait Theories, Behavioral Theories, Situational Theory, Contingency Theories, Charismatic Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Personality, Becoming a Leader, Power, Empowerment, Communication, Organizational Communication, Group Dynamics, Understanding Work Team, Building Teams, Team-Based organization, Decision Making, Group Decision Making, Effective Team Communication, Conflict and Negotiation, Learning Organizations, Reward system, Managing Virtual Teams, Effective Team Meetings, Strategic Leadership, Change Management, Ethics in Leadership, Looking at Future: What next, Teamwork: Learning from the nature. MGMT623 Handouts pdf


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MGMT623 Handouts pdf
MGMT623 Handouts pdf


MGMT623: Leadership & Team Management (alternative HRM623)

What is an Organization?

An organization is a deliberate plan of the people to achieve a particular purpose, or objective e.g. hospital, for-profit or non-profit organization, hotels, etc.

A. Organizations share three common elements:
(1) Each person has a different purpose;
(2) Each is made up of people; and
(3) Each party deliberately develops a specific framework for members to carry out their duties. One way to look at this …..

B. Although these factors are important in defining what an organization is, the concept of an organization changes. These differences include flexible applications, working groups of employees, open communication systems, and provider associations. Organizations are becoming more open, flexible, and responsive to change. C. Organizations change because the world around them has changed and continues to change.

These social, economic, global, and technological changes have created an environment in which successful organizations must embrace new ways of doing their work. D. Organizations operate in a flexible environment and are committed to a wide range of stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, Competitors, Government, etc.

What is the Role of Management?

Managers are more concerned with building working relationships with others, helping team members develop better working skills, providing support to improve teamwork among themselves, and providing them with an appropriate/quality work environment and satisfaction. In this regard, managers need to know that each person is a value-added employee and that if they are satisfied and motivated, the organization can achieve its goals effectively and efficiently.

Focusing On People: The Key To Success

It is a common saying in today’s society that success depends on people. Yes, ‘people’ are members of the organization’s team and stakeholders. Focusing on the right people and stakeholders is essential to the success of any organization. Today we will focus more on people; actors in the organization, and essential resources for the success of any organization.


MGMT623 Handouts Download Here

MGMT623: Leadership & Team Management (alternative HRM623) Notes (pdf)