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MGMT611: Human Relations

Human relationships are an important part of our work success. It is defined as relationships or between people, especially in the workplace. Because a company relies on good human relationships through its organizational structure, developing these skills is essential. MGMT611 Handouts pdf

MGMT611 Handouts pdf / HRM611 Handouts

  Course Category: Management MGMT611 Handouts pdf

Course Synopsis

In this Human Relationship study, primary attention has been given to individual and group flexibility. Focused on emotions and attitudes towards work and everyday knowledge. Topics for this study include different perspectives on organizational behavior, individual self-motivation, performance, leadership, team and structure, conflict resolution, vision, self-awareness, personality, values, culture, and communication in conflict resolution. The study recognizes the diversity of values ​​and attitudes in society but also emphasizes shared values ​​across different cultures and cultures. In addition, it creates the ability for students to deal effectively with today’s work/health problems/health issues as more information on human relationships is provided in this course. MGMT611 Handouts pdf


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MGMT611 Handouts pdf
MGMT611 Handouts pdf


MGMT611: Human Relations

Humans are complex machines. They have all kinds of problems even from outside organizations such as family problems etc. which makes it difficult or challenging to manage and do the job. When it comes to technology it is easy to work with a machine, just press a button and get the results you want, but working with people is a serious problem. They have social, psychological, and emotional problems.

Human Relations

Human relations seem simple and logical. It can make our lives easier and more comfortable or difficult and miserable. Human relationships apply not only to our working lives but also to our families and our personal lives. The term Human Relationship in its broadest sense encompasses all forms of human interaction. It is a study of WHY our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors sometimes CAUSE conflicts between people in our lives and work-related situations. This article focuses on a systematic analysis of human behavior, conflict prevention, and problem-solving.


Personality is a sum of the habits, traits, and characteristics of the individual. It is actually a force or ability to do things. Some people have more power and some have less power e.g., an army officer has power and knowledge about security issues and a professor may have knowledge and power in education matters. Another important personality trait is the intelligence quotient or IQ. In the workplace, employers are keen to see how quickly employees can pick up instructions, learn new additional skills and adapt to changes in requirements such skills are rewarded and help to improve individual performance and increase organizational profits.


Man is a business with distinctive ownership with certain distinctive and evolving features. In a general sense, a person is “a person who is considered to be one person. Other characteristics used to describe a ‘person’ include identity, self-awareness, personality, and a sense of self that persists over time.

Self Perception

One of those tools is self-detection. How do you identify and evaluate yourself? It is probably the most important psychological factor. To see yourself as the image you have in you. You feel good, strong, and very good but this self-esteem should be realistic as this is very important how does this image come to your head? How it appears in your relationships with other people, your family members, your friends, co-workers, etc. When you do well, they appreciate you and give you the answer you did well. It gives you the image you get by connecting with others.


MGMT611 Handouts pdf 

MGMT611: Human Relations Notes (pdf)