MCM516 Handouts pdf | TV News Reporting and Production Notes (pdf)

MCM516: TV News Reporting and Production

Television, sometimes abbreviated as a TV, is an electronic device for transmitting translucent images of fixed or moving objects and sound over a cable or atmosphere through machines that convert light and sound into electrical waves and re-transform them into visible light rays and audible sounds. MCM516 Handouts pdf

MCM516 Handouts pdf

  Course Category: Mass Communication MCM516 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Creativity and Idea generation for TV, Pre-requisites of a creative producer, Refining an idea for production, Concept Development, Research and reviews, Script writing, Pre-production phase, Selection of required, Content/talent, Program planning, Production Phase, Camera work, Lights &Audio, Post Production phase, Linear editing and NLE, Mixing and effects, Selection of news, Editing of news, Writing of news, Compilation of news, bulletin, Presentation of a bulletin, Making special bulletins, Technical Codes/Terminology/ Production, Grammar, Types of TV Production, Sources of TV news, Functions of a reporter, Beats for reporting,

Structure of a News Department, Sections, Electronic field production, Live Transmission, Qualities of a news Producer, Duties of a news Producer, Assignment/News Editor, Shooting a news film, Preparation of Special reports, Interviews, Vox pops and public opinions, Back Ground Voice/voice-over, Spoken words and relevant visuals, Talk show and Forums, Functions of various departments of a TV set up, Programs Department, News and Current Affairs, Coordination between different TV departments Engineering, Transport, Finance, accounts and Marketing, Technical Store, Library and Traffic. MCM516 Handouts pdf


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MCM516 Handouts pdf
MCM516 Handouts pdf


MCM516: TV News Reporting and Production

In this age of Globalization and the media, they are important tools of communication and in this age of science and technology, space and time are reduced. History saw the traditional war, then the cold war, and the war of the mind followed the modern war but in today’s media wars the names of weapons and satellites are weapons and because of the philosophy of knowledge, it is a matter of their knowledge and knowledge.

Communication Tools

Today, there are many forms of communication. These include Television, radio, newspaper, pamphlets, pamphlets, pamphlets, brochures, brochures, books, magazines, alarms, posters, posters, buntings, flags, banners, large boards, hoardings, radio, film, and theater.

Television objectives

  • Information
  • Education
  • Planning
  • Culture
  • Convincing
  • Propaganda
  • Entertainment
  • Fun
  • Information-entertainment

The Picture is the base of Television Production

Earlier the word “Motion picture” came from the same fact that on the screen there were “moving pictures”. The name was later replaced by “Film” and “Film”.

Positions for TV Production Crew

The following is a list of positions that you may encounter in the production of multiple cameras. Not all positions will always be filled – small products will not have some of the most special functions or one person will fill a few positions. Major brands will have special positions and assistants or participants who will provide, well, assistance. For a detailed description of the work each one does, refer to your text.

• Coordinator: Executive, Associate, Line, etc.
• Director: Merge, Assistant, Bottom, Technology
• Author
• Set a Designer
• Cosmetics / Clothing
• Talent
• Sound Engineer
• Video Developer
• Video Cassette Engineer / Operator
• Camera operator
• Production Assistant

It is important for each person to understand and do their job with great success. The production of multi-camera television is a team task, and for a team to be effective, it needs to be coordinated and connected. Although the process of producing television can sometimes seem confusing ballet (Italian songs), there is a way to go crazy. Please read and apply the following procedures for setting up a studio and strikes.


MCM516 Handouts pdf   

MCM516: TV News Reporting and Production Notes (pdf)