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MCM411: Globalization of Media

Broadcast is the streaming of audio or video content to a scattered audience using any electronic mass media, but is usually used for electronic transmission of radio and television signals. MCM411 Handouts pdf

MCM411 Handouts pdf

  Course Category: Mass Communication MCM411 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

History of Broadcast, Classification of Programs, Current Affairs Programs, Types of Outdoor Broadcasting, Curtain Raiser, Radio Feature, Musical Programs of Radio, Radio Documentary, Disc Jockey, Voice in Broadcasting, Noise, Studio, Radio Drama, Advertisements -Income Generation, Advertiser’s Approach, FM – a new generation in Broadcasting, Microphone to Transmitter, Script Writing for Radio Broadcast, Interactive Broadcasting, History of Television, Pakistan Television (PTV) Broadcasting Laws,

Replicas of Radio Broadcast, News Script Writing and Direction Techniques, Sets, Camera Shots – the visual language, Lights in Visual Broadcasting, Interior and Exterior, Broadcasting and Media Imperialism, Environment of TV Broadcast, Budget, Comparison of different Radio and TV formats, Current Affairs – from Radio to TV, Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production, TV advertisements, Enigma of more channels, Anchorperson, Comparison between radio and TV broadcast, Terrestrial to Satellite to Cable TV, Career in Broadcasting, Broadcasting Terminologies MCM411 Handouts pdf

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MCM411 Handouts pdf
MCM411 Handouts pdf


MCM411: Globalization of Media

Why broadcast?

The first thing that comes to mind is why it is so important to spread something. However, the growth of society requires a certain way of keeping people informed of the few events that take place around them in order to make their lives more orderly, and smooth, and sometimes, in order to relieve their normal anxieties. Such rapid communication helps communities to improve their quality of life.

What to broadcast?

This is a sensitive area. The selection of programs for broadcast purposes leads to all sorts of problems in the later stages. In general, presentations can be divided into the following pattern: Religious news programs, children, women, troops, farmers, the business community, education-based courses, sports, masses like sports, music, shows, interviews, interviews, and views, jokes, and live comments on a variety of life activities. daily. … And there is still room for further thought.

To whom to broadcast?

A frustrating question for the producer of various broadcast programs. But there should be a good amount of diversity in his mind, of who is directed to a particular program. Others (other than the target audience) may benefit from the program but it actually stays focused on a certain segment of the population.

When to Broadcast?

Not always suitable for all types of transfers. A longer view should be given to the various categories and types of plans to draw their timeline. Usually, religious programs are broadcast in the morning by many broadcasters, which is understandable. Women’s programs are usually broadcast at 11 a.m. or later, assuming they are free after performing their morning chores such as making breakfast and taking the children to school, etc. News is broadcast in the usual way at the beginning of the hour for people to find out. see.

The dramas are broadcast at a time when everyone is home and wants to relax. In countries such as Pakistan, which focuses mainly on agriculture, farmers’ programs are played out when they have finished their field service and are now gathered to gossip or not take the time to listen to their hobbies. The point to be emphasized here is that there must be a reason for the choice of time to do more in broadcasting, which we all understand is made possible by the great effort of many people.


MCM411 Handouts pdf Download Here

MCM411: Globalization of Media Notes (pdf)