MCM101 Handouts pdf download | Introduction to Mass Communication Notes (pdf)

MCM101: Introduction to Mass Communication

The transmission of a message from one person to another, in simple terms – has become one of the oldest aspects of human life. Even when the official languages ​​were not available, individuals could direct their own understanding of their emotions and gestures in order to carry out their normal duties. MCM101 Handouts pdf

MCM101 Handouts pdf

  Course Category: Mass Communication MCM101 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Mass Communication – An Overview, Early Mass Communication and Printing Technology, Seven Centuries of Mass Communication – From Printing to Computer, Elements of Communication and Early Communication Models, Communication Models – Graphic Presentation of Complex Issues, Types and Forms of Communication, Message – Root of Communication I, Message – Root of Communication II, Effects of Communication, Communication and Culture, Language in Communication, Stereotyping – A Typical Hurdle in Mass Communication, Mass Media – Historical Perspective, Emergence of Print Media around the World, Telegraph does a miracle in distance communication, Types of Print Media, Press Freedom, Laws and Ethics – New Debate Raging still Hard, Industrialization of Print Processes, Effects of Print Media on Society, Advertising – Hand in Hand with Media,

Renaissance and Scientific Revolution: Role of Print Media, Recap, Media Management, Images in Mass Communication – Invention of Photography, Motion Pictures – A New Way in Mass Communication-I, Motion Pictures – A New Way in Mass Communication (Cont…), Film Media in Subcontinent and Pakistan-I, Film Media in Subcontinent and Pakistan (Ii) & Its Effects, Propaganda, Radio – A Breakthrough in Mass Communication, Effects of Radio on Society, Television – A New Dimension in Mass Communication, TV in Pakistan, Effects of Television on Society, Public Relations and Mass Communication – I, Public Relations and Mass Communication – II, Advertising beyond Print Media, Impact of Advertising, Media Theories, New Media in Mass Communication, Globalization of Media, Media Mergence, Mass Media in Present Age, Criticism on Media, Recap MCM101 Handouts pdf


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MCM101 Handouts pdf
MCM101 Handouts pdf


MCM101: Introduction to Mass Communication


Communication is the act of transferring information from one place, person, or group to another. All communications include (at least) one sender, message, and recipient. This may sound simple, but communicating is actually a very complex matter.

Why do you need to communicate?


The main reason for contacting other people is especially their survival. There is no point in believing that a person can live his own life by fulfilling his daily life needs. The fact is that every moment a person depends on others for survival. It is therefore inevitable for all of us to include banking in communication.


There is a real sense in all living things working together to keep the cycle of life active. People need this with caution in order to maintain their critical sense of belonging.


The feeling of maintaining a range of human-to-family and national relationships was strong from the earliest days of human civilization. It would be extremely difficult to promote a lifestyle without valuing the relationships between people living together for some time. Communication was important to identify relationships between people in order to accomplish different tasks.
Encouraging communication proved to be helpful during the intercession and inspired others to keep the human culture growing. The work is still being done today, however, with different strategies and in the world of complex communication.


Better communication helped people and nations to control their power. This phenomenon is most evident in the areas of conflict and overthrow of the enemy. Finding support through better communication skills has always been a hallmark of human interaction.

Social Needs

The needs of society are growing at about the same pace, as the growth of human culture and civilization. History is a testimony to the fact that the circle of social needs is growing as people strive to live together in an orderly manner. Communication is a very common phenomenon that unites communities to fulfill their desire to grow together.


In the world to come, as it is today, it is a piece of information – a piece of communication, which brings relief to people’s lives in many ways. Information about roads, and terrain, can help you to change your travel plan, for example. A little knowledge can have a long life in your future business.

Decision making

And not least, in today’s world communication goes a long way in helping us to make decisions. Not just one person, but families and nations, can come to certain conclusions with the help of available matte communication


MCM101 Handouts pdf Download Here

MCM101: Introduction to Mass Communication Notes (pdf)