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ISL202: Islamic Studies

The historians and writers of Sira divide the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) into two important parts. Before moving to Madinah, the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is called the life of Makki. And the life of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) after the migration to Medina is called the life of Madni. ISL202 Handouts pdf

ISL202 Handouts pdf

  Course Category:  Humanities Distribution ISL202 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

ISL202 Handouts pdf


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ISL202 Handouts pdf
ISL202 Handouts pdf


ISL202: Islamic Studies

Migration to Madinah

Background and Objectives of Migration

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) left Makkah for Medina thirteen years after the proclamation of the Prophecy. Why did Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) move to Madinah? He (PBUH) emigrated to Madinah because life in Makkah was very difficult, and the cruelty of many Makkah believers was extreme. He (PBUH) emigrated to follow the command of Allah Almighty to protect life and property by laying the foundations of the Islamic State and implementing Islamic principles in a new state.

Welcome to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in Medinah

Some friends of the Holy Prophet (U.S.A.W) emigrated earlier and arrived in Medina. They told the Ansar about the migration of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Ansar were expecting daily to receive the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in Madinah. As soon as the news of Muhammad’s arrival began to spread, crowds came out and studied in Madinah.

The Background of the Brotherhood

There were various challenges for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to settle the settlers in Madinah. The immigrants had left everything in Makkah. So they had nothing in Madinah. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) encouraged the Ansar to seek the help of immigrants. The Ansar of Medina wanted to sacrifice everything to strengthen the emigrants by the orders of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The Battle of Badr

The battle of Badr was fought between the Muslims and the Polytheists of Makkah, which took place during the Holy month of Ramadan in 2 A.H. There is a brief discussion on this battle in Surah Al-Anfal of the Holy Quran. The battle is named after “Yom ul Furqan” in the Holy Quran. According to Allama Safi ul Rehman, it was the first decisive war in the history of Islam. Thereafter Muslims are strengthened to live peacefully in their Muslim homeland in Medina.

Reasons for the Battle of Badr

The Badr area is located approximately 80 km (128.7472 Km) from Madinah by the old road to Makkah. There was a well and the name of its owner was Badar bin Amir. This place was named after its owner. Most writers point to the following fundamental reasons for this war:

1. The spread of Islam in Medina and the increase in the number of Muslims were the main reasons for this war. Many Makkah worshipers are outraged by the growing power of Islam.
2. The Makkah idolaters tried to harm the Muslims and to stop preaching and spreading the religion of Islam but they could not do anything and ended up fighting the Muslims.
3. Abu Sufyan’s procession passing through Madinah was a clear cause for the battle of Badr. The Muslims followed the caravan and the Quraysh came to save their caravan. Abu Sufyan’s caravan escaped by another route. Now, Abu Sufyan advised him not to fight against the Muslims but Abu Jahl insisted on fighting the Muslims.


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ISL202: Islamic Studies Notes (pdf)