ISL201 Handouts pdf download | Islamic Studies Notes (pdf)

ISL201: Islamic Studies

The Qur’an was revealed by Allah to Prophet Mohammed verse by verse by the angel Gabriel and memorized word for word by Mohammed’s companions. ISL201 Handouts pdf

ISL201 Handouts pdf

  Course Category: Humanities Distribution ISL201 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

• Faith. • Taqwa (Fear of Allah). • Obedience of Allah. Obedience of Prophets and executive authority. • Sincerity (IKHLAAS). • Morality of the Prophet (S.A.W). • Practical Law (Ibadat). Islamic Practices . • Knowledge and its Islamic concept. Knowledge and its Islamic concept. • The Islamic social system. • The manners of meeting and talking. • Respect for parents. • Brotherhood. • Honesty and Obligation. • Forgiveness. ISL201 Handouts pdf


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ISL201 Handouts pdf
ISL201 Handouts pdf


ISL201: Islamic Studies

Definition of Faith

To believe in the special terminology of Islam means to believe in the Prophets of Allah as such, which means to acknowledge that in order for Allah to guide us he has given them knowledge beyond our intellect and understanding, and, on the basis of it, to confirm what they told us as the divine origin.

Faith In Allah

The existence of Allah

The Qur’an has clearly told us that the proof of the existence of Allah is within ourselves. How can we deny that which is written on our foreheads as proof of its authenticity says, Allah?

“Who have sure faith, and within your own selves, so do you not see?”

At the bottom of our hearts, it is written that Allah Exists. When we are faced with adversity and misfortune, we seek refuge in him because of our honesty and natural religious feeling.

He alone is the Lord of the whole Universe

The second concept of faith is that Allah is the Creator of the universe. It means that you have to believe from the bottom of your heart that Allah alone is the Creator of the universe. He is the only one who created, out of nothing, living things, celestial bodies, and the entire visible and invisible universe. He created the amazing canons of all these worlds so much so that Medical scientists, chemistry, physics, and astronomy were able to discover a few of them. He alone has the full knowledge of every great and small thing of all these worlds.

Faith In Prophets

All the Prophets are human; they are born as human beings and die as they are.  However, despite being human, they have one difference Revelation descends upon them from Allah.

Islam Does Not Distinguish Between Prophets

There are people among the followers of other Prophets who speak ill of the prophets besides those who follow them, but Islam has made it a policy that all prophets should be treated equally. If a person speaks insultingly of any prophet or insults him, he is violating the principles of Islam.

All Prophets Are Human Beings

All the Prophets are human; they are born as human beings and die as they are. They fall just as sick as other people and are getting better as they are. They are no different from other people in terms of body composition, physical appearance, blood circulation, and heart function.
They eat and drink like everyone else. Only to show that they do not have the attributes of the deity which only Allah has reserved and reserved for Him. 

Faith in the Miracles of the Prophets

When the event of the Ascension {Mi’raj} took place and the Prophet (SAW) was transferred from Makkah to Quds and HE (SAW) returned that night, the Quraysh did not believe. In their view, it was impossible because it was inconceivable, with the means of transport available at that time {camels, horses, etc.} to travel such a long distance and come back overnight but this very impossible thing has not only become possible in our times but has become common and nobody is amazed at that nor anybody denies it.

Faith in The Life in The Hereafter (Day Of Judgment)

The Life to Come is real life. The visually impaired cannot see and the mentally retarded do not believe what they are being told. But a person who has been given a vision and who is wise and understanding know that human life goes through stages.


ISL201 Handouts pdf Download Here

ISL201: Islamic Studies Notes (pdf)