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ENG521: Language Classroom Management

Classroom management is a very important part of teacher development. The role of teachers is not only to teach the classroom but also to manage administrative matters in the classroom so that the process of teaching and learning can be effective. ENG521 Handouts pdf

ENG521 Handouts pdf

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ENG521 Handouts pdf download
ENG521 Handouts pdf download


ENG521: Language Classroom Management

Key elements of classroom management:

School-wide discipline through the curriculum:

Classroom behavior is not possible without school discipline, so it is very important to make classroom management part of the curriculum.

Classroom discipline:

Both teachers and students need to know how to behave in the classroom. School ethics are a feature that teachers should teach students right from the start. It only happens with the curriculum and the behavior of the whole school.

Classroom-based Rules:

Classroom instruction is done by the rules of the classroom. There are certain rules that both students and teachers must follow in the classroom. We have certain limits and we need to obey the rules in order to learn in the classroom.

Identification of needs of students:

It is very important for the teacher to be aware of the needs of the learners. Management problems in the classroom arise because sometimes the teacher does not know the needs of the student. The teacher needs to know the students’ interests and their individual needs. It is very important that the teacher is of the right age and needs classroom-based rules so that students can easily follow them.

Involvement of major stakeholders:

All stakeholders involved in student education must be informed of the practice of classroom management. The main participants are students themselves, teachers, parents, school administrators, principals, coordinators, and the classroom community.

Importance to social-emotional learning
Physical seating in the classroom:

Do the learners sit in rows, in groups or in pairs?

Role modeling by teachers and caregivers:

Students learn from teachers so it is important to behave well in the classroom so that both teachers and students have a good reputation.


The curriculum is a whole school app. The curriculum contains continuous knowledge of children under the supervision of the school. It represents a special place to help children achieve self-awareness through full participation within the school.

The link between curriculum and classroom:

Classroom management requires the commitment of the whole school. This commitment can only be achieved through the effective integration of classroom management principles within the school curriculum.

It is very important to choose class management in which the goals and objectives of the class are set. For both teachers and students to know that classroom management is an important part of the classroom process. There should be the talk of lesson plans, teacher behavior, and setting appropriate rules in the classroom. The overall commitment of the school includes all stakeholders namely, students themselves, teacher, parents, school administrators, principals, coordinators, classroom community, etc. who decides that without classroom management, lesson planning and teaching is impossible.

Classroom control:

Classroom management is a very important aspect of classroom management. Without class control, there can be no class management. Teachers are great sources of storage for class control.



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ENG521: Language Classroom Management Notes (pdf)