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ENG518: Research Methodology

The study provides an in-depth understanding of research methods. The focus emphasizes every step involved in the research process from finding the research problem to designing and developing a comprehensive study. The course will equip students with knowledge of the different concepts of the research process and its various implementation. ENG518 Handouts pdf

ENG518 Handouts pdf

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Course Outline

1. What is research? 2. Research in English Language Teaching (ELT) [Applied Linguistics] 3. Classification of research 4. Assortment of a problem 5. Foundation of hypothesis 6. Research variables 7. How to locate research? 8. Locating primary research 9. Exploring primary research in ELT 10. Understanding where data come from? 11. Research planning and sampling 12. Avoiding errors in sampling 13. Classifying research designs 14. Questions and research design 15. Q&RD: Extraneous factors to avoid 16. Data collection procedures

17. Qualities of good data gathering procedures 18. Understanding research results 19. Understanding research results-II 20. Writing discussion of your research 21. Writing your conclusion 22. Constructing a research literature review 23. Doing a research literature review 24. Writing a research literature review 25. Qualitative research and qualitative data analysis 26. Qualitative data analysis 27. QDA: using software for analysis 28. Action research 29. Survey method 30. Experimental Method, CareerSee.com

31. Historical research 32. Case studies 33. The framework of a primary research article 34. Writing a research proposal and synopsis 35. Managing information and avoiding plagiarism 36. Choosing a documenting style – APA 37. Research methods in literature – I 38. Research methods in literature – II 39. Research methods in literature – III 40. Choosing a documenting style – MLA and CMS, ENG517 Handouts pdf

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ENG518 Handouts pdf download
ENG518 Handouts pdf download


ENG518: Research Methodology

What Is Research?

In the broader sense of the term, the research includes any official collection of data, information, and facts to improve knowledge. The research is done according to the researcher’s purpose, intention, and paradigm in which he or she operates internally. Although many people use the term “research” to understand “data collection” scientists use the term in a straightforward way. The term “research” in the scientific context usually refers to the entire scientific process from beginning to end.

Research Methods

In fact, research methods vary widely, depending on acceptable academic standards, the likelihood of each researcher, or the specific needs of a particular study. Scientific and engineering research often involves conducting laboratory or field tests. Research in the arts, culture and social sciences may include archiving in the library or online, conducting in-depth surveys or interviews, and a variety of artistic and artistic projects – from costume design to playwriting to fine art choices. show.

General Research Features

The features of the study are:
• The research environment is structured-rational- empirical-reductive-replicable.
• Collects new information or data from original or primary sources.
• Emphasis on the acquisition of standard principles
• Systematic and accurate investigation involved
• Uses certain legitimate data collection tools
• Reasonable and purposeful
• Resists the temptation to search for only data that supports his ideas
• It removes personal feelings and preferences
• Patient and unhurried work
• Carefully recorded and reported
• The conclusions and conclusions are all reached carefully and meticulously

Functions of Research

Research is the term for seeking new knowledge in order to progress further.

• With the refinement of research and the expansion of knowledge that takes place, it provides basic data or just a picture of what things are like.
• Research makes it easier to make decisions, about access to information in a particular field
• Improves learning and teaching processes
• It develops various aspects of human life


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ENG518: Research Methodology Notes (pdf)