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ENG510: Sociolinguistics

Sociolinguistics is the study of the relationship between language and society. Sociolinguistics is about how the use of language interacts with, or affects, social factors such as gender, race, age, or social class.  ENG510 Handouts pdf

ENG510 Handouts pdf

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Course Outline

1. Introduction to Sociolinguistics 2. Sociolinguistic Phenomena 3. Sociolinguistics and Varieties of Language 4. Speech Communities 5. Language Contact and Variation-I 6. Language Contact and Variation- II 7. Some Concepts Related to Language Varieties 8. Language and Dialects – I 9. Language and Dialects – II 10. Some Theoretical Work in Sociolinguistics 11. Register and Sociolinguistics 12. Some More Terms 13. Sociolinguistic Codes and Bilingualism 14. Sociolinguistics and Use of Codes 15. Social Correlates and Sociolinguistics 16. Socio-Psychological Factors and Sociolinguistics 17. Socio-Political Factors and Sociolinguistics 18. Language and Ideology: Examples from the World

19. Terms Related to Language Change – I 20. Terms Related to Language Change– II21. Language and Communication: A Sociolinguistic Perspective 22. Speech and Social Interaction 23. Language, Thought and Culture 24. Non-Standard Language 25. Diglossia 26. Media and Sociolinguistics 27. Social Media and Sociolinguistics 28. Social Media and Writing Practices 29. Sociolinguistic Aspects of English Language 30. Sociolinguistic Aspects of Language in Pakistan- I 31. Sociolinguistic Aspects of Language in Pakistan- II 32. Sociolinguistic Aspects of Language in Pakistan- III

33. Language Change in Pakistan 34. Code-Switching and Code Mixing in Pakistan 35. Social Aspect of Linguistic Practices Across the Globe 36. Language Practices and Sociolinguistic Scene of Pakistan- I 37. Language Practices and Sociolinguistic Scene of Pakistan- II 38. Language Planning in Pakistan 39. Language Acquisition and Sociolinguistics 40. Teaching and Research in Sociolinguistics, ENG510 Handouts pdf

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ENG510 Handouts pdf download
ENG510 Handouts pdf download


ENG510: Sociolinguistics


The term sociolinguistics can be defined as language learning in relation to society. It is a descriptive study of the impact of any and all aspects of society including culture, expectations and contexts, language usage, and social impact on language. It differs from the sociology of language which focuses on the impact of language on society.

Historically, it is closely related to linguistic anthropology, and the distinction between the two disciplines has been questioned. It also examines how linguistic diversity differs between groups divided by certain social factors e.g., nationality, religion, status, gender, level of education, age, etc. In addition, it focuses on various aspects such as how creation and compliance with these laws are used. classifying people into social or social and economic categories.

Sociolinguistics Applications:

A sociologist may decide through public opinion studies that a particular indigenous language will not be considered appropriate for the use of language in a business or professional environment. Sociolinguists can also study grammar, phonetics, vocabulary, and other social aspects, just as dialectologists can learn the same language.

Sociolinguistics and Sociology of Language

Sociolinguistics ‘sociological language study’: means that sociolinguistics is part of language and social research. The value of sociolinguistics is the light that throws it into the language of the language in general or the features of a particular language. To understand sociolinguistics, we need to understand what is the sociology of language, and what is the difference between sociolinguistics and sociology?

Sociology of Language:

Sociology of Language is the study of the relationship between language and society. The difference between the two is clear. Sociolinguistics focuses on the social impact of language. Sociology of language focuses on the impact of language on society. In terms of language sociology, it may want to understand how social change affects people. According to SuChiao Chen, language is considered a social value within the sector, which studies community groups on issues such as multilingualism and language conflict. It talks about who is ‘authorized’ to use what language, with whom, and under what circumstances. It also deals with the fact that the identity of an individual or group is established in the language available to the public.


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ENG510: Sociolinguistics Notes (pdf)

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