ENG301 Handouts pdf download | Business Communication Notes (pdf)

ENG301: Business Communication Handouts (PDF )

Communication is the exchange of meanings between people through a common system of symbols. It is essential to the existence and well-being of individuals and organizations. It is the process of creating and sharing ideas, information, ideas, facts, and feelings from one place, person, or group to another. ENG301 Handouts pdf

ENG301 Handouts pdf

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Course Outline

1. Introduction to Communication 2. Flow of Communication 3.Theories of Communication 4.The Process of Communication and Misconceptions 5. Barriers in Effective Communication 6.Non-verbal Communication 7.Traits of Good Communicators 8.Principles of Business Communication 9.Concreteness 10.Consideration 11.Intercultural Communication 12.Individual Cultural Variables 13.Process of Preparing Effective Business Messages 14.The Appearance and Design of Business Messages 15.Communication Through Technology 16.Basic Organizational Plans 17.Inquiries and General Requests

18. Letter Writing (Placing Orders) 19.Letter Writing (Claim Letter) 20.Letter Writing (Adjustment Letter) 21.Collection Letter 22.Sales Letter 23.Memorandum and Circular 24.Minutes of the Meeting 25.Business Reports 26.Business Reports (Letter Reports) 27.Business Reports (Formal Reports) 28.Market Reports 29.Job Search and Employment 30.Resume Writing 31.Application Letter 32.Graded Discussion Board 33.Job Inquiry Letter and Interview 34.Process of Preparing the Interview 35.Oral Presentation 36.Language Practice and Negotiation Skill 37.Negotiation and Listening 38.Thesis Writing and Presentation 39.Research Methodology ENG301 Handouts pdf

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ENG301 Handouts pdf download
ENG301 Handouts pdf download


ENG301: Business Communication

What is Communication?

It has been discussed how important communication is to be successful in business. You may ask, what does the word communication mean? It is very difficult to explain because it means almost anything.
Communication means the act or process of giving or imparting information, signals, or messages such as speaking, touching, or writing. When we talk about technology, during communication, we make ideas, feelings, information, etc. known or understood by others through speech, writing, or body language.


Effective communication in speaking and writing is useful in all aspects of business, such as management, technology, theology, and public positions as we have recently seen. The ability to communicate well has always been a blessing to those who have it. Communication has a rich history. The ancient world, East and West, depended on word of mouth. In ancient Greece and Rome, communication was needed both in connection with the conventions and in the courts. During the Middle Ages, the oral tradition flourished. As writing became more and more important as a permanent record of communication, writers and written communication correspondence books emerged.

Communication with the Global Market

The way you speak in and out of your country influences everything you do. In addition, your ability to speak and write effectively will make a difference in your organization. These qualities will help you to be successful in dealing with international business people. Keep in mind that “For the customer, you are the company”. You interact with customers; customers and the public showcase the company you represent. Important communication can make a difference in your company because each message speaks to the important quality and culture of your company and you can build favor or destroy it.

Developing a Right Attitude

“For the customer, you are a company.” Your attitude in dealing with customers, clients, and the community reflects the company you represent. Your attitude will reflect your country and culture. Each message conveys an important quality and culture to your company and can either build or destroy the reputation. Doing honest work with enthusiasm and skill helps the maker and the recipient. Answering even the most basic of questions can also be a daunting task.

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Today’s workplace is increasingly varied in age, gender, and ethnic background. Diversity has brought problems to organizations, but it has also brought strength. Changes in demographics have contributed to changes in management practices, making effective communication the key to success in running an organizational business. ENG301 Handouts download pdf



ENG301 Handouts Download Here

ENG301: Business Communication Notes (pdf)