EDU712 Handouts pdf download | Quantitative Research Methods in Education Notes (pdf)

EDU712: Quantitative Research Methods in Education

Educational measurement methods include the science and performance of measurement and instructional assessment, primarily through the development and application of mathematical methods, informed by mathematical teaching and learning. EDU712 Handouts pdf

EDU712 Handouts pdf

Course Category:  EDU712 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Introduction to Research, Scientific Method of Research, Classification of Research, Concepts, Concrete and Abstract, Variables & Types of Variables, The Research Process, Selecting a Research Topic, Reviewing the Literature, Referencing, Theoretical Framework and Hypothesis, Operationalization of Variable, Sample and sampling terminology, Non-probability sampling, Probability Samling, Measurement of Concepts-I, Measurement of Concepts-II, Research Design, Experimental Research-I, Experimental Research-II, Experimental Research-II, Survey Research-I, Survey Research-II, Tools for Data Collection, Questionnaires,

Administration of questionnaire, Interview, Ethical Issues in Research-I, Ethical Issues in Research-II, Introduction to Statistics, Data Analysis, Data Transformation and Cleaning, Data Presentation, The Parts of the Table, SPSS Introduction, Data Entry and Descriptive Statistics, Correlation Analysis, Significance Testing, t-test, Chi-Square, Analysis of Variance, Linear Regression Analysis, Advanced Linear Regression Analysis, Writing a research proposal, Thesis writing, EDU712 Handouts pdf

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EDU712: Quantitative Research Methods in Education

What Is Research?

A common picture of research is that it is related to a laboratory where scientists are said to be doing certain research. Someone interviewing consumers to get their opinion on the new packaging of milk also did some research. Research is simply a process of finding solutions to a problem after researching and analyzing aspects of the situation. Gathers the information needed to answer a question, and thus helps solve the problem. We do not read in any formal way. Instead, we try to follow a plan or process in a systematic way.

It is very necessary if we want to repeat the study, or if someone else wants to confirm our findings. In this latest story, someone has to follow the same procedure as we followed.

What are the Benefits of Research?

The type of research problems may vary. Problems may refer to an unpleasant situation or these may refer to a curiosity of a researcher who may be mentally disturbed. For example, in a recent BA / BS examination of Punjab University, 67 percent of students failed. That is a huge waste of resources, which is why an unfortunate situation requires research to find a solution. The researcher may come up with a variety of factors that may affect students, teachers, curriculum, book availability, exam schedule, student family status, and more. Therefore, research can be done to assess the situation, as well as the recommendations that should be used to overcome the unfavorable situation of serious student failure.

Research Helps In Developing Methodologies

We now know that researchers have to develop research methods. These methods are for data collection, data processing, and data analysis. For new researchers, these methods are already in place, and most researchers are already using them. However, there is always a range of improvements and certainly, new approaches are being developed. Also, we try to borrow methods from sister studies.

Scientific Method

Science is a way of producing knowledge, based on facts and efforts to be universal. In other words, science is a process, a process of producing information i.e. finding universities/principles, laws, and theories through a process of observation and reconsideration. Awareness here means that scientists are using “sensory experience” to study this phenomenon. They use their five senses, which are controlled by the average person. Not only do they make the impression on something but they also realize, it may be several times.


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EDU712: Quantitative Research Methods in Education Notes (pdf)