EDU604 Handouts pdf download | Comparative Education Notes (pdf)


EDU604: Comparative Education Handouts (PDF)

Comparative Education is a fully developed learning environment that explores education in one country (or group of countries) using data derived from the processes and state of another country or countries. Many important educational questions can best be explored internationally Here is some information about this topic and its evaluation.  EDU604 Handouts pdf

EDU604 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Humanities Distribution EDU604 Handouts pdf

Course Outline:

EDU604 Handouts pdf

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EDU604 Handouts pdf download
EDU604 Handouts pdf download


EDU604: Comparative Education

Types of Education:

1. Formal:

Formal education is education that takes place in institutions, whether in the form of a vocational, high school, or higher education.

2. Informal:

Illegal education is education that takes place in your culture. Educated by your family, peers, location, and culture.

Levels of Education:

• Primary education
• Second Education
• Higher education
• University Education

Sociological Approaches To Education

There are different types of Education. These types of Education have different social impacts. A sociological lens is a lens that tells you what the impact of education on society is important and what is the impact of that society on education so we will be looking at three Sociological methods you can use to understand the context of education and comparative education. in a larger case.

Functionalist Approach

The functionalist method of education was presented by Emile Durkheim. The different ideas and activities of education in a society that is approaching somehow look at society as a cohesive whole and say that different institutions in society play a certain role in society so you are interested in what different roles academics play. Institutions within a particular community or context regard these functions as

  • Manifest functions
  • Latent functions.
Manifest functions:

These are the jobs we see and receive education in the past. The most important and easily articulated reading and writing skills. However, keep in mind that the functionalist approach also looks at different educational activities. May have potential negative impacts on the community. It tells us what is right and what is wrong.

Latent function:

This is how the schooling system actually gives them certain kinds of values.

Critical Approach To Education
Issues of social justice and equality:

In a critical way in education, we look at the inside of the awareness that things that are yet to be planned can have a negative impact on society and therefore look at education more closely. A critical approach to issues of social justice and equality.

Educational Reproduction:

It raises questions that education raises the same question you have ever faced before. It means that there is no change education needs to make. It challenges what is happening and says it is not the way things should be.

Interactionist Approach
 Micro Approach:

It is a Micro method. There is a limit. The way we interact looks at interactions and relationships. It is not common in all cases but gives you in-depth details of what is happening within the educational context.

Interactions and Relationships within Educational Context:

Observing What is happening inside the classroom and therefore within the classroom how the educational process is conducted, what about peer-to-peer relationships, teacher-student relationships and therefore the collaborative approach actually looks at the teaching and learning process. Say how it all happened.



EDU604 Handouts Download Here

EDU604: Comparative Education Notes (pdf)