EDU516 Handouts pdf download | Teaching of English Notes (pdf)

EDU516: Teaching of English Handouts (PDF)

Close reading is related to the development of writing skills. Some text has been provided and no other options have been provided. For example, if we want them to develop the ability to write reports then offer to read more reports in the newspapers. EDU516 Handouts pdf

EDU516 Handouts pdf

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Course Outline

Language teaching in schools should be based on a teaching approach that develops the reading skills of all learners. Student learning needs need to be considered during instruction. Many English language learning methods are presented in this course, and examples of activity-based activities are provided to help teachers apply them in their classrooms. EDU516 Handouts pdf

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EDU516 Handouts pdf download
EDU516 Handouts pdf download


EDU516: Teaching of English

Reading Skills – Silent Reading

The practice of reading silently is very important as the learner becomes familiar with the language and understands the words and letters of the language, in particular, the learners are visual learners and silent reading helps them. Silent reading does not embarrass the child as the child reads alone, children often look at the titles, words, and letters of the book.

Language, they learn independently, and the teacher just watches the students. To help them learn the art of reading silently, we can ask them to underline the words according to their level. In a mixed skills class, a task can be assigned in terms of skills students. Silent Reading helps them develop ideas as learners focus on the language and its structure rather than just finishing reading and waking up in front of other students.

Loud Reading

It is worse than the benefits. The advantage is that the teacher gets to know the level of students’ familiarity with the language. Unfortunately, it does not connect with other students at all. Often, the best student is asked to read, who is already profiting, and the whole class can follow him, they lose interest. Even if the reader does not focus on the content but is pressured to read well, to express himself well about it, he actually does not benefit much anymore.

It is just a waste of time though; can benefit if it is well planned and done at the end of the lesson when everyone is familiar with the content. It is better if the reading is done in pairs or in groups than one student reads and the rest are stopped. Perhaps one student may be asked to read while others repeat after him.


Skimming is done if we just want to find out the context of what is happening, for example, browsing a newspaper to see news headlines or reading news lines on television. It is not We need to inculcate in our readers the ability to skip the content when they do not have enough time to read it properly. It gives students a good idea to read. It is also called premature learning. It is also done in times of mental disorders. Some students formulate new words and ideas that come to mind, develop intelligence, and draw conclusions from what they read. An example of work is giving them words and can read the words of the vocabulary-building activity.


When scanning takes place, everything comes in a detailed way. Elementary school children can be given recognition for letters, words, the meaning of a word. Maybe give them names in colors, e.g. R in red, E in green, and D in black and ask them to look up the words and say where they can find R and vice versa. Clear direction and instructions are very important in scanning. Although high school students may have the use of words, their meaning, their spelling, and even higher education students may be asked to look up the meaning of words in context, for the most successful it would be to read between the lines. .So there are scanning rates according to student level.


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EDU516: Test Teaching of English Notes (pdf)

EDU516 Handouts download pdf