EDU515 Handouts pdf download | Teaching of Geography Notes (pdf)

EDU515: Teaching of Geography Handouts (PDF)

Geography is the study of places and relationships between people and their environment. Geographers explore both the visible features of the Earth’s surface and the human communities scattered throughout it.  EDU515 Handouts pdf

EDU515 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Humanities Distribution EDU515 Handouts pdf

Course Overview

In this course students will gain an in-depth understanding of what geography is about, the importance of geography in education and development, the important aspects of the universe, and the facts about the earth, the Solar System, and Earth-related events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, various. weather conditions and maps etc. Apart from this, students will explore population and building growth, large biomes, urbanization, energy resources Risks of Natural Disasters, etc. EDU515 Handouts pdf

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EDU515 Handouts pdf download
EDU515 Handouts pdf download


EDU515: Teaching of Geography


According to Greek philosophers, Geography is the  “description of the Earth” “Geo” means the earth, and “Graphy” means the description. Most people think that geographers are concerned with designing places, drawing maps, and writing travel notes. Geography is a field of science devoted to the study of the world, features, inhabitants, and world events. Geography is the Spatial with the formal knowledge of the world as the human world. The Spatial word is related to space.

Geography is the science department responsible for the study of the earth and its physical and human environment in relation to spatial and temporal diversity. “To provide an accurate, systematic, logical and concise definition of the changing face of the earth” was defined by Richard Hartshorne, in 1959. The ancient definition of geography is “The purpose of geography is to give” a view of the whole “world by drawing a geographical area” Ptolemy explained in 150.


Topography is the study and interpretation of the surface elements, which include both natural and synthetic features. In terms of climate, Pakistan is divided into 5 main categories: 1. Mountains (mountains northwest) 2. Plateaus (Potwar plateau and Baluchistan plateau) 3. Plains (upper Indus and lower Indus plains) 4. Deserts (thar, thal & kharan) 5. Coastal areas and delta regions

The weather

The weather is typical of everyday weather for a long time, usually for thirty years. Important weather conditions in the area are temperature, air pressure, wind, and rain.


The upper layer of the earth, made up of various particles of small rock, is essential for the growth of plants and plants called soil. Pakistani land can be subdivided on a regional basis: Indus basin Soils Bongar soil Khaddar soil The soil of the Indus delta Mountains  soil Desert soil


Natural vegetation includes forests, trees, and grasses, and is determined by climatic conditions and soil types.

Significance of Geography:

  • It provides information about everything physical and human.
  • It is difficult to find relevant knowledge of natural and social sciences without Geography research as its dimensions in various fields are discussed.
  • Provides basic information about historical discoveries and political systems and forms of Government.
  • Recent developments such as GIS, GPS, and TS also play an important role in modern development.
  • It is also important to know about the weather in order to develop models to study the pattern of climate change.


EDU515 Handouts Download Here

EDU515: Teaching of Geography Notes (pdf)