EDU512 Handouts pdf download | Teaching of Islamic Studies Notes (pdf)

EDU512: Teaching of Islamic Studies Handouts (PDF)

Along with many other necessities, the Quran has provided science to the people. From the human body and the living creature to the solar system, the ocean system, the rain, agriculture, hurricanes, Moon and Earth movements, and other major subjects are covered by the Holy Quran. EDU512 Handouts pdf

EDU512 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Humanities Distribution EDU512 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

The World Before Islam, Birth and Early Life of Prophet (S.A.W), Birth and Early Life of Prophet (S.A.W), Revelation of Wahi, Revelation of Wahi, Preaching of Islam, First Speech on Koh-e-Safa and Reaction of Kufar, Decision of Hijrat to Madina, Stay in Cave of Saur, While Migrating to Madina, Hospitality of Insars and Treaty with Jews and other Tribes, The Battle of Badar, The Battle of Uhad, Ghazwa-e-Ahzab (The Battle of Trench), The Battle of Hunain, The Battle of Tabooq, Treaty of Hudabia, Treaty of Hudabia, The Battle of Moota, Fateh Mecca,, Fateh Mecca, Performance of Hajj by the Prophet (S.A.W),

Performance of Hajj by the Prophet (S.A.W), Sickness and Departure of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) from this, World, Divine Revelations and Details about The Holy Quran, The Holy Quran, The Doubtless Book for our Guidance, Selected Topics from the Holy Quran, Faith and Adaab-un-Nabi, Adaab-un-Nabi and Good Character, Morals, Ethics and Good Character, Morals, Ethics and Good Character, The concept of Hadith, The concept of Hadith, Pillars of Islam – (Toheed), Pillars of Islam – Namaz (Salaath), Pillars of Islam _ Zakat, Pillars of Islam _ Fasting (Roza), Pillars of Islam _Hajj, Belief in Life after Death, Usswa-e-Hassna, Usswa-e-Hassna, Usswa-e-Hassna, Muslim Scientists, Muslim Scientists, Haqooq-ul-Allah, Haqooq-ul-Ibaad. DU512 Handouts pdf

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EDU512 Handouts pdf download
EDU512 Handouts pdf download


EDU512: Teaching of Islamic Studies


The pre-Islamic world was not divided into continents and was as well named as the subcontinent as it is today. There were no clear local boundaries no community was known as a nation. There were therefore no downtime boundaries set.

No International Relations

As there were no well-defined provinces; there was no sense in cooperating with the benefits.

An Offensive Attitude

Due to the lack of vision and the wide range of social interactions the people had only local intelligence. They could not tolerate any interruptions. Such situations only support and create an irritating attitude.


People were imprisoned in the area. They could not work with better people. There was no education. Thus, it was only ignorance that ruled and ruled near them.

Ongoing Wars/Wars

An angry attitude and ignorance led to constant fighting/fights. A perfect international system There was no society as diverse as it is today. Only the nations lived in their relative territory. There was no law There was no door, no community, and no law-abiding organization. The words of a national leader were considered law and order.


There was no education system. There was almost no infrastructure there was no formal education Each nation had its own customs and traditions. They would not accept anything from any other nation or society that was a hindrance to their education. Each nation had its own system Each nation had its own way of life, customs, traditions, and social obligations.


Idols were worshiped Sun, Moon, Fire, water, etc. The books of Heaven have been forgotten.


No concept of visible leadership There was no concept of good leadership. They believed only in rulership and absolute authority in the empire’s hands of one person.

No International system ruled

No international interference was tolerated. All human life was to be lived according to national order. EDU512 Handouts download pdf

The Holy Quran, The Doubtless Book for our Guidance

The Holy Quran is the message of our Almighty Creator Allah to all people. Quranic themes have an endless and common appeal to everyone regardless of time, place, and age. It deals with eternal issues and global themes and its inspiring appeal points to the straight path to eternal success. The charm and efficiency of the words of the Holy Quran itself are incomparable. There is no subject or topic on which the Quran has not provided information. The creation of living and nonliving things, celestial bodies, various events as well even unimaginable titles are given in the Holy Qur’an.



EDU512 Handouts Download Here

EDU512: Teaching of Islamic Studies Notes (pdf)