EDU510 Handouts pdf download | Teaching of Mathematics Notes (pdf)

EDU510: Teaching of Mathematics Handouts (PDF)

As teachers become more familiar with data-driven education, they make decisions about what they teach and how they teach based on the information gathered from their students. In other words, teachers first find out what their students know and do not know, and then determine the best way to close the gap. EDU510 Handouts pdf

EDU510 Handouts pdf

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Course Outline

This course is designed to give the prospective teacher an overview of the scope and sequence of mathematics instruction in secondary school. This course will help learners in developing problem-solving skills, improving the learner’s ability to reason mathematically, communicate effectively and make connections between different branches of science and mathematics. This course will enable prospective teachers to use a variety of instructional strategies such as guided discovery, teacher-led whole-class discussion, the use of manipulative, power points, SMART boards, calculators, and computers, and the use of the textbook and other materials in the classroom to teach the subject of mathematics.

Guidelines for using cooperative learning groups will be discussed and practiced., Internet and library resources will be examined. The course is based on knowledge of theories of learning and instruction, including relevant research; knowledge of psychological concepts such as readiness and motivation. The course will also emphasize the increased use of technology in the teaching of the mathematics classroom. This mathematics course is designed to give the student an insight into the nature of mathematics, acquaint students with some of its fundamental principles, and emphasize the cultural values of the arts and sciences. EDU510 Handouts download pdf

Each mathematics course emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to communicate basic concepts orally and in writing. This course serves the above-mentioned purpose. Alternative forms of assessment will be discussed and modeled. A number of enrichment activities will be evaluated. Here is some more information about this subject and its assessment. EDU510 Handouts pdf

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EDU510 Handouts pdf download
EDU510 Handouts pdf download


EDU510: Teaching of Mathematics

Qualities of a Math Teacher

  1. Prerequisite qualifications
  2. Professional teaching.
  3. Selective academic training.
  4. Supervised practice teaching.

Activities of a Math Teacher

1. In-service training.

2. Professional activities.

3. School activities.

4. Mathematical organization.

5. Departmental duties.

6. Administrative duties.

7. Community activities. 

What is Arithmetic?

Arithmetic is a mathematical unit that specializes in numerical research using a variety of functions. Basic mathematical functions are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Arithmetic is one of the oldest and most basic branches of mathematics, derived from the Greek word ‘Arithmos’, meaning ‘number’.

Teaching of Mathematics

Teaching through problem-solving means that learners learn mathematics through real-life contexts, problems, situations, and models. Teaching mathematics has two major functions. Focusing on a fun understanding of the numerical system and the clever ability of important processes. Numerical information connection. An arithmetic teacher should have a clear understanding of the area of ​​mathematics in all adult matters.

Teaching of Geometry

Geometry is the science of space and size. It depends on the shape, shape, and size of the bodies. But it has nothing to do with their material possessions. Euclid, a Greek mathematician, was the father of demonstrative geometry. It enables the reader to discover a wide range of geometric facts. The geometric principles of equilibrium, equilibrium, and similarity are natural elements. Improves the ability to draw an accurate plan.


EDU510 Handouts Download Here

EDU510: Teaching of Mathematics Notes (pdf)