EDU430 Handouts pdf download | Information Technology in Education Notes (pdf)

EDU430: Information Technology in Education Handouts (PDF)

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can contribute to student learning where teachers are able to read digitally and understand how to integrate it into the curriculum. Schools use a variety of ICT tools to communicate, create, distribute, store, and manage information. EDU430 Handouts pdf

EDU430 Handouts pdf

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Course Outline

My Story-My School, The Story of My Education, School and Early Challenges, The Power of Association, Different Pedagogy for Different Students, Classroom Technology, What we are taught?, Proving Theorems, Test Challenge,  Memorization VS Understanding, Connecting New Knowledge with Prior Knowledge, Learning as a Generative Activity, Social, Teaching and Cognitive Presence, My House and Associations, Mental Pictures, Diagnosing and Mapping the Process, Selecting, Organizing and Integrating, Intrinsic Motivation, Car Trouble, Rapidly Changing Technologies, A Model School, Maintaining a Diary, Cleaning the Class, Inequalities in Education, 

Technological Innovation and Difference in Learning, The Educational Challenge, Theoretical Learning Demonstrate or Experiment, and Actual Experimentation, Why is the Earth Orbiting the Sun, Thought Experiments, Instant Feedback, College and University Days, IBM and Other Mainframes, Interactivity, Instant Feedback, and Immersive Technologies, The School of One Revisited Connectivity, Stratosphere, Brick and Mortar Educational Cycle, Content Design, The Educational Cycle and Intervention, My First Watch, Marconi and Radio Technology, Disruptive Innovation, From Transition Buying a Computer for Our University to Micro Processions, The Apple Revolution. EDU430 Handouts pdf

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EDU430 Handouts pdf download
EDU430 Handouts pdf download


EDU430: Information Technology in Education

Advanced Technology and Education System

The advent of technology has brought with it a number of benefits around the world. Besides improving efficiency, it has turned the world into a global village and made access to information much easier. The education sector is also not far behind in accessing the deep source of technology resources. The use of information technology in education has become more than just an option. In order to learn effectively, education stakeholders have found ways to integrate the use of information technology into daily learning processes.

Need of ICT in Pakistan

With the growth of knowledge and technological advances in society; our country needs learning skills that can help keep pace with the advancement of science and technology. Educational programs in the community and as a result education will not be able to differentiate itself from other social institutions, and national and international partnerships that are widely known around the world.

ICT in Education Sector

Education in the 21st century is the center of all change and development. Information technology in education requires culture. This custom requires the study and application of hardware. The system needs to be taught to use information technology.

In some cases, ICT has also become a major factor in teaching and learning interactions, using methods such as replacing digital whiteboards with interactive whiteboards, using student smartphones or other learning tools during class, and a “transformed classroom” model for students. watch lessons at home on the computer and use class time to get more exercise. If teachers are able to read and write digitally and are trained to use ICT, these approaches can lead to a higher level of thinking skills, provide creative and individual options for students to express their understanding, and leave students better prepared for ongoing technological change in society and the workplace. 

The Internet

The Internet is a large collection of computer networks that can be connected. The name is derived from the words ‘interconnection’ and ‘network’. With this, each computer user can communicate and share the same resources with other users.

Web Server

Web Server is a business and computer integrated system that responds to requests from web browsers for Internet services. The main function of the web server is delivering web pages to customers ’e. g. Apache HTTP Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), Sun Java System Web Server.

Web Browser

It is a program that allows the user to display and interact with ‘hypertext’ texts e. g. Internet Explorer, Net Scape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.



EDU430 Handouts Download Here

EDU430: Information Technology in Education Notes (pdf)