EDU404 Handouts pdf download | Classroom Testing and Assessment Notes (pdf)

EDU404: Classroom Testing and Assessment

Classroom Assessment is a systematic process of constructive assessment, used by teachers to determine how well they are learning and how well the students are learning. CATs (Classroom Assessment Techniques ) and other informal assessment tools provide important information during the semester about teaching and learning for change as needed. EDU404 Handouts pdf

EDU404 Handouts pdf

Course Category:  EDU404 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Introduction to Classroom Assessment and basic terms, Types of Assessment, Reliability, Validity, Business, Tools of assessment, Observation, Questionnaire, Interview, Portfolio and projects, Diaries writing and Projects, Types of tests, Objective type questions, Other types of questions, Objectives, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Knowledge Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Comprehension Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Application Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Analysis Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Synthesis Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Evaluation Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Item Analysis I, Item Analysis II, Marking, Rubrics I, Rubrics II, Displaying Data, Item Development, Outcomes of AssessmentEDU404 Handouts pdf

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EDU404: Classroom Testing and Assessment

What Is Class Assessment?

Definition 1:

To evaluate the formal collection, revision, and use of information about educational programs conducted for the purpose of improving learning and student development. (Palomba and Banta, 1999)

Definition 2:

Assessment is a process of collecting and discussing information from a variety of sources to improve understanding of what learners know and understand; the process culminates when the test results are used to improve subsequent reading. (Huba & Released, 2000)

Emerging Points

1. Assessment is a systematic process: specific conditions, goals, and planning must be kept in mind during the assessment. Nothing can happen automatically. There are many sources of information about students such as homework, exam papers, class exams, projects, etc.

2. Judgment: We gather all the information to judge what has been achieved and what is still missing. Making such decisions is an important part of the development process.

3. About the process or product: This decision is now intended to evaluate the process or product. All classroom and learning activities are a process and the knowledge gained by students and a skilled student is a product.

Types of Assessment

• Constructive Assessment • Summary Assessment • External and internal inspections • Product Testing • Process Assessment

Formative Assessment

Formative is a form of assessment in which a series of formal and informal assessment methods are used by teachers during the learning process to streamline teaching and learning activities to improve student achievement.

Summative  Assessment

A summative assessment refers to participants’ assessment and summarizes their growth at that time. In contrast to constructive testing, the focus is on program outcomes.

External and Internal Assessment

Internal audit is the process by which an organization evaluates its policies and programs internally. It is done by the internal departments of the organization and the staff themselves have the ability to manage the internal audit.

Process Assessment

Process evaluation refers to a process evaluation that involves factors involved in it. ‘During any process’ is a keyword. For example, class continuity.

Product Assessment

Product testing means product testing at the end of a particular process. Success in the end with regard to a particular goal is important here. For example, your final marks.


EDU404 Handouts Download Here

EDU404: Classroom Testing and Assessment Notes (pdf)