EDU402 Handouts pdf download | Curriculum Development Notes (pdf)

EDU402: Curriculum Development Handouts (PDF)

A curriculum is a sequence based on structured levels of self-awareness in which learners practice and acquire expertise in the content and learning skills used. The curriculum is an important guide for all teachers on what is important for teaching and learning so that every learner can have access to a solid academic experience. EDU402 Handouts pdf

EDU402 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Humanities Distribution EDU402 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Introduction to Curriculum, Purpose, and Scope of Curriculum, Curriculum Domains, Foundations of Curriculum I, Foundations of Curriculum II, Types of Curriculum, Paradigms of Curriculum, Social Diagnosis for Curriculum Development I, Social Diagnosis for Curriculum Development II, Culture and the Curriculum I, Culture and the Curriculum I, Social Stratification of Communities, Community Changes and Curriculum, Educational Purposes and School I, Educational Purposes and School II, Educational Purposes and School III, Educational Purposes and School IV, Educational Purposes and School V, Educational Purposes and School VI,, Educational Purposes, and School VII.

Educational Purposes and School VIII, Educational Purposes and School IX, Ways of Stating Objectives, Introduction to Learning Experiences, Principles of LE’s, Lessons for Curriculum Developers, LE’s Organization I, LE’s Organization II, LE’s Organization III, Organizing Process, Source Plan I, Source Plan II, LEs Evaluation I, LEs Evaluation II, LEs Evaluation III, Steps for LEs Evaluation, Developing Evaluation Instruments, Using Results of Evaluation, Curriculum Building I, Curriculum Building II, Learning Theories – Operation in Tyler’s Model, Taxonomy of Objectives, Curriculum Designs, Operationalizing the Curriculum Development Process EDU402Handouts pdf.

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EDU402 Handouts pdf download
EDU402 Handouts pdf download


EDU402: Curriculum Development

Curriculum as Subject Matter or Content

The curriculum is based on the subjects that must be taught. The most traditional imagery of the curriculum dates back to ancient times with seven free arts, usually divided into trivium (grammar, rhetoric, and dialectic) and quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music). The curriculum is based on the ‘subjects’ that are to be taught. Teachers who use this image aim to spell out the content of the curriculum, the interpretations provided for those subjects, the required learning information, and the rational learning methods. that all subjects at a certain level are equal and provide what is needed for that level.

Curriculum as a Program of Planned Activities

A comprehensive overview of all activities planned for student presentations reveals that the curriculum includes the scope, sequence, interpretation, and evaluation of the subject, motivational strategies, teaching strategies, and anything that can be planned in advance. The nature of the program can be broad, but two-dimensional, one looking at the curriculum as a text and the other embracing the programs in the minds of teachers, but always unwritten.

Curriculum as Intended Learning Outcomes

The curriculum should focus on the intended learning outcomes – which shifts the emphasis to the conclusion. Targeted learning outcomes are an easy way to clarify objectives. Objectives are no longer expressed in international rhetoric as, “appreciating our cultural heritage.” Instead, a set of results structure is set forward; all activities, teaching, and nature work for the attainment of a specified conclusion. EDU402 Handouts download pdf

Curriculum as Cultural Reproduction

The curriculum in any society or culture should / should be an indication of that culture. The school aims to reproduce important knowledge and values ​​for the next generation. The community, country, or nation takes the lead in identifying the skills, knowledge, and values ​​to be taught. It is the job of professional teachers to see that they are transformed into a curriculum that can be given to children and young people. In developed industrial societies it is not possible for parents with special responsibilities. They themselves adequately teach all the complex skills their children need. In their livelihood, they do not have time to do so, even though they have the knowledge, the inclination, and the ability.

Curriculum as Experience

It means – the end of continuity – teaching methods and conclusions are part of a single process, ‘experience’. Paying attention to one’s personal experience by meditating on and constantly striving to anticipate and monitor the results of one’s thoughts and actions related to the good that one brings is a progressive learning curve. Here the teacher is the facilitator of growth, and the curriculum is the process of experiencing the feeling of growth. EDU402 Handouts pdf


EDU402 Handouts Download Here

EDU402: Curriculum Development Notes (pdf)