EDU401 Handouts pdf download | Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education Notes (pdf)

EDU401: Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education

Contemporary issues such as health, housing, gender inequality, poverty, oppressive groups, family, and social norms affect education at the local, national, and international levels. Education also plays a key role in addressing these issues. EDU401 Handouts pdf

EDU401 Handouts pdf

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Course Outline

Introduction to Contemporary Trends & Issues and National and International, Equity issues in Education-I, Equity Issues in Education, Religious Discrimination and Socio-Cultural related Issues, Free and Accessible Education and its Benefits, Free and Accessible Education, Key Players, attitudes, Values, Curricula & Empowerment, Peace Education, Peace Education: Philosophy, elements of Curriculum, & History, Aims knowledge, skill, Attitude and Importance of Peace, Themes for Peace Education, Conflict- introduction, Definition, Sources, Response Style & Management, Looking at Conflict & Approaches to deal, Conflict Style, Madrassa Education: Classification and Historical Status, Dominance of Madrassa Education, its debates, controversies, and politics,

Madrassa and Radicalization and Reforms, Policy Recommendations, Universal Literacy, Literacy and life of literacy in Pakistan, National Education Policy and Literacy, World Literacy and Problems in Literacy, Issues in Universal Education, Models of Education, EU’s definition and Formal, Informal and Non-Formal Learning, Formal, Informal, and Non-Formal, Population Education, Populate Debate and Issues, Why population Education, Relevance and participation, Population studies, Research for program development, Privatization of Education, Privatization policies in education,

Privatization Policies in Education II, Why is Privatization Happening?, Privatization in Pakistan, Financing, Diversity and Evaluating Privatization programs-I, Evaluation of Privatization Programs 2 & Environmental Education, Implementing Environmental Education and EE in Environment-Friendly Schools, Methods for EE I-IV, Children Voice I-II & Teacher Education I-III, EE in the school Area 1 -7, Technology Education and Engaging Digital Natives, Paths to successful education & Technology-enabled education, Challenges and Reforms for Tech-supported Education, EDU401 Handouts pdf

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EDU401: Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education

In the title of the lesson are three (3) keywords. These three terms can be defined below.


Current trends related to the present or starting from today. What we are experiencing in education today.


Trends are Good types of things, in other words, are patterns we like to see and move on.


Issues are negative things. They are dealing with the negative aspects of education.

Education must allow nations and societies to evolve gradually and strengthen their social justice systems, and institutions of democracy, and promote the values ​​of peace, harmony, tolerance, and mutual respect. All of these skills are needed to survive the 21st century. Education shall also be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Convention on the rights of the child

The Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989 clearly recognized education as a fundamental right. All children should be in school continuously which means little by little. They also have equal opportunity for all students. Parts of the conference call for elementary education to be compulsory and free for all children. Encourage the development of a wide range of tertiary and vocational education. A child’s education is not limited to inferior levels. Vocational education helps the learner to earn a living.


EDU401 Handouts Download Here

EDU401: Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education Notes (pdf)