EDU305 Handouts pdf download | Classroom Management Lectures (pdf)

EDU305: Classroom Management Lectures (pdf)

Classroom management is a very important part of teacher development. The role of teachers is not only to teach the classroom but also to manage administrative matters in the classroom so that the process of teaching and learning can be effective. EDU305 Handouts pdf

EDU305 Handouts pdf

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Course Outline

introduction to Classroom Management, Classroom Control, Physical Seating & Classroom Management, Overt Management Approaches, Classroom Management Approaches, Role of Teacher in Managing the Classroom, Effective Management, Models of Classroom Management, Plan to Implement the Model with Students, Teacher’s Effectiveness Training, Classroom Management Strategies, Classroom Management Strategies, Factors that setup Safe & Productive Classroom, Classroom/Social Facilities Management, Activities for Managing Learning & Discipline,

Activities for Managing Learning & Discipline, Curriculum Instruction, and Classroom Management,, Techniques to Assist Learning, Role of Teacher in Managing the Classroom, Role of Teacher in Managing the Classroom,Philosophies of How to Manage Large Class, Large Classes, Strategies to Maintain Discipline, Teaching with Limited Resources & Motivating Student, Systematic Procedure for Record Keeping, Establishing Caring Connections, Establishing Caring Connections, Teachers Attributes in Teaching Social Skills,

Incentives in the Classroom, Practice for Model for Rewards, Effective Behavioural Support Systems, School Discipline, School-wide Preventive Discipline Practices, Classroom Discipline, Classroom Discipline, Specific Discipline Programmes, Bullying, Bullying Preventive Programmes, Social Intervention Strategies to Control Bullying, Parent-Teacher Partnerships & CM, Violence & Classroom Management, Planning To Control Violence, Teaching Positive Behaviours, Developing Social Competence Among Students, Social Competence. EDU305 Handouts pdf

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EDU305 Handouts pdf download
EDU305 Handouts pdf download


EDU305: Classroom Management

Key Elements of Classroom Management:

  • Extensive school behavior through the curriculum: classroom guidance is not possible without school discipline, so it is very important to make classroom management part of the curriculum.
  • Classroom behavior: Both teacher and students should know how to behave in the classroom. School etiquette is a factor that teachers should teach students at the outset of their learning. It only happens with the whole school’s curriculum and behavior.
  • Rules-based on the classroom: Classroom instruction is based on classroom rules. There are certain rules that both students and teachers in the class must follow. We set certain rules and we need to obey the rules in order to learn in the classroom.
  • Identification of learners’ needs: It is very important that the teacher is aware of the needs of the learners. Management problems in the classroom arise because sometimes teachers don’t know what the student needs. The teacher needs to know the students’ interests and their individual needs. It is very important for the teacher to have age-appropriate rules in the classroom so that students can easily follow them.
  • Involvement of key role players: All stakeholders involved in student education should be informed of the classroom management action. The main participants are students themselves, teachers, parents, school administrators, principals, coordinators, and the classroom community.
  • The importance of social-emotional learning
  • Body chairs in the classroom: Do the learners sit in rows, in groups, or in pairs?
  • Imitating teachers and caregivers: Learners learn from teachers anyway

it is important to have the right attitude in the classroom so that both teachers and students have a good reputation.

 Curriculum and Class Management:

There is a deep connection between curriculum and classroom management. For effective management, this should be integrated into the learning program. EDU305 Handouts pdf


The curriculum is a whole school app. The curriculum contains continuous knowledge of children under the supervision of the school. A special representative is a place to help children achieve self-awareness through full participation within the school.

The link between curriculum and class:

Classroom management requires the commitment of the whole school. This commitment can only be achieved through the effective integration of classroom management principles within the school curriculum. It is very important to choose class management in which the goals and objectives of the class are set. For both teachers and students to know that classroom management is an important part of the classroom process. There should be a talk about lesson plans, teacher behavior, and setting appropriate rules in the classroom.

Extensive school dedication includes all participants namely students themselves, teachers, parents, school administrators, principals, coordinators, classroom community, etc. who decide to stay out of the classroom management, lesson planning, and teaching are not feasible. It is important to integrate classroom management with the school curriculum because without this effective classroom management is not possible. All stakeholders must realize the importance

Classroom Management and the Hidden Curriculum:

The hidden curriculum is that part of the curriculum that, although not written, will surely be read by learners. The hidden curriculum is primarily based on the values ​​and norms that the school already has. Also, behavioral patterns of teachers, principals, administrators, and other senior students. EDU305 Handouts pdf download


What behaviors are appropriate (which behaviors should be seen in the classroom and completely forbidden? Not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom. Behavior is very important which is why these are revealed through a hidden curriculum without teachers speaking.


EDU305 Handouts Download Here

EDU305: Classroom Management Lectures (pdf)