EDU304 Handouts pdf download | Introduction to Guidance and Counseling Notes (pdf)

EDU304: Introduction to Guidance and Counseling Handouts (PDF)

Guidance and Counselling is a process to help people discover and improve their academic, vocational, and psychological skills and thus achieve a higher level of personal happiness and usefulness in society. EDU304 Handouts pdf

EDU304 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Humanities Distribution EDU304 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Introduction to Guidance and Counselling, Comparison and Purpose of Guidance and  Counselling, Significance of Guidance and Counselling, Significance and Areas of Guidance and Counselling, Principles of Guidance and Counselling, Empathetic Understanding, Types of Guidance and Counselling, Directive/Perspective Counselling, Theories of Guidance and Counselling Client-Centered(Rogerian)Theory-1, Existential Theory-1(Topics 55-60), Importance of Affective Education, Humanist Theory of Affective Education, Affective Cognitive Education, Hindrance in the Development of SEL, Importance of SEL Programmes, Integration of Character Education Along with Side Standard Curriculum, Merits of Moral and Character Development, Sources of Acquiring Self-Efficacy-1,

Self-Monitoring and Self-Assessment to Enhance Self-Efficacy, Social and Emotional Development, Strategies for Implementing SEL in the Curriculum-Flexibility for Lesson Planning, Effective Teacher-Attitude Towards Teaching, Essential Qualities of Teachers as Counsellors, Teacher as a Counsellor, Counselling Services: The Counselling Service, Importance of Ethics in Counselling-1, Ethics in Guidance and  Counselling, Organizing Guidance and Counselling in Schools-Procedures, Organizing Guidance and Counselling in School-Procedure, Counselling Competencies-Knowledge, Competencies-Professional, and Ethical Attitude and Practice, EDU304 Handouts pdf

Who Requires Counselling Services, Problem Solving Therapy-Introduction, Problem Solving-Identifying Problems, Referral in Case of Severe Behavioural Problems- Introduction, Referral  for Severe Behavioural Problems-Effective Referral,  School-Wide Guidance and Counselling, Challenges for Guidance and Counselling in School System-System Challenges, Challenges for Guidance and Counselling in School-Institutional Theory, Guidance and Counselling Programmes in a School Setting-Counselor as a Facilitator, Guidance and Counselling Programmes in a School Setting-counselor as a Coordinator, Collaboration and Communication with Stakeholder-Parenting, Implementing Guidance and Counselling in School Setting-Initial Phase, Implementing Guidance and Counselling in School Setting-Formulating Relevant Policies EDU304 Handouts pdf

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EDU304 Handouts pdf download
EDU304 Handouts pdf download


EDU304: Introduction to Guidance and Counseling

Functions of Guidance and Counselling       

Tutorial: how to guide students appropriately to choose their topics, hobbies, or career areas.

  • Meditation: We must enable students to meditate on things.
  • Welfare: We need to prepare students for how they will live in society.

Guidance and Counselling programs:

  • Facilitate the social and emotional development of students.
  • Encourage teacher support.
  • It requires the commitment of the whole school Guide


Guidance is an ongoing mentoring process.

A process that helps individuals to:

  • Understand her and accept her and live successfully in her community.
  • Set realistic goals
  • Make adequate plans to achieve those goals


Counselling is:

  • A very special service for major problems.
  • It is given to a person who is experiencing a problem and who needs professional help to overcome it.
  • Includes active listening and empathetic understanding.
  • Facilitate the growth of the mentor and bring about change with self-awareness.

Need for Guidance and Counseling in Education System

Guidance and Counseling in Education System Required to:

  • Ensuring proper use of time spent outside classes.
  • Assists students in the development of handicrafts.
  • Help learners gain an understanding of the origin and development of emotional difficulties. Why is guidance and counselling important? Why it is important to have guidance on counselling techniques used in the classroom?
  • It is important for moral development.
  • Counselling is a series of direct contact with the person that gives him or her help in changing attitudes and behaviours. (Carl Rogers)
  • Provides each learner with the opportunity to reach their full potential. Moreover, when we talk about possible development, it is necessary to ensure that from there possible development should begin? For example, if we look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; students have different needs at different stages of life.


EDU304 Handouts pdf Download Here

EDU304: Introduction to Guidance and Counseling Lectures (pdf)