EDU301 Handouts pdf download | General Methods of Teaching Notes (pdf)

EDU301: General Methods of Teaching Handouts (PDF)

The purpose of education is to seek Allah’s will and to fear Judgment Day. A person must be made God-fearing in order to be a good person in society. EDU301 Handouts pdf

EDU301 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Humanities Distribution EDU301 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Concept of Teaching, Teaching as a Profession, Professional Behaviour and Context of School, Teacher’s Responsibility and the Level of Schooling, Promoting Deeper Understanding, Instructional Decision Making, Types of Knowledge, Educational Equity, Planning for Instruction, Blooms Taxonomy, Affective and Psychomotor Domain, Performance Objectives, Levels and Limitations of Planning, Overall Considerations for Instructional Planning, Unit Planning, Lesson Planning, Lesson Plan Format, Content Forms and Sequencing, Presentation Modes, Information Processing Theory & Graphic Organizers,, Models of Lesson Organization, EDU301 Handouts pdf

Multi-Methodology as an Instructional Process, Concept of Child, Early Years Education, Big Ideas and Generative Concepts, Essential Questions in Adolescent Teaching, Big Ideas and Essential Questions, Integrated Themes, Inquiry Teaching, and Higher-Level Thinking, Inquiry Processes, and Constructivism, Guided Inductive Inquiry, Models & Considerations in Guided Inductive Inquiry, Scientific Method, Problem-Based Learning (PBL), Cooperative Learning, Cooperative Learning Strategies, Organizing Cooperative Learning, Project Learning, Discussion Method, Direct Instruction, Discovery Learning Vs Presentation, Motivation for Learning, Teaching Models for Motivation, Teaching Tools, Effective Teaching EDU301 Handouts pdf

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EDU301 Handouts pdf download
EDU301 Handouts pdf download


EDU301: General Methods of Teaching

Role of a Teacher

The role of the teacher is very important in building students’ character and developing their natural skills. In the old days, the teacher’s role was simply to come, give a talk, give students tests and questions, assignments and assess them, give them marks and that’s it. In modern times, the teacher is the agent of converting students from the youngest talented people are talented people who have good skills to do their job and are loyal citizens. The role of the teacher is changed from being a teacher to being a transformation agent. Teachers should engage with students more than in the past. Now how to teach called co-operative teaching.

Teaching as a social, political, and ethical activity:

As a social worker

Man is an animal that lives with humans because he lives with other people, he meets other people. It needs its presence and emotional strength to live with other people. If we say that teaching is a social activity, it means that teaching cannot be done alone. It needs people who can be taught. So it is a really fun activity.

As a political activist

When we say that teaching is a political activity it means that the teacher needs to have a certain idea and the teacher needs to discuss those ideas with the students. In fact, they both need to work together for a change in society. Because political ideas are not only important in politics, politics means a collection of ideas. The teacher must share ideas with the students so that they can work for change in society. If education does not achieve this goal and teachers simply provide students with content information then this teaching is not a political activity.

As a moral duty

It is the teacher’s responsibility to fulfill his moral obligations. Values ​​include that teachers must be dedicated, honest, and committed. If teachers do not show the above it means they do not take it as a moral duty. It is also important because teachers are role models for students. the model will not be a good example. Teaching ideas such as cultural and social focus Different cultures have different views on education. Ideas for education in Pakistan are different from other countries. In Pakistan, there are urban and rural cultures and ideas in both cultures are different.


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