EDU101 Handouts pdf download | Foundations of Education Notes (pdf)

EDU101: Foundations of Education Handouts (PDF)

The purpose of education is to seek Allah’s will and to fear Judgment Day. A person must be made God-fearing in order to be a good person in society. EDU101 Handouts pdf

EDU101 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Humanities Distribution EDU101 Handouts pdf download

Course Outline

Introduction to Foundations of Education, Ideological Foundations of Education, Philosophical Foundations of Education, Philosophies of Education (Application), Postmodernism, Psychological Foundations of Education, Three Laws of Learning, Gagne”s Hierarchy of Learning, Sociological Foundations of Education, Bernstein & Labelling Theory, Historical Foundations of Education, Educational Conference 1947, National Education Commission 1959, National Educational Policies, Problems & Issues in Education, Education for All & Environmental Education, Trends & challenges in Education. EDU101 Handouts pdf download

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EDU101 Handouts pdf
EDU101 Handouts pdf


EDU101: Foundation of Education

Aims of Educating People:

  1. Character Building: Character formation to teach values ​​and morals. How can you live a healthy life, and treat yourself and others? Moral education is important because it helps you to become a better person, a citizen, and a better person over time.
  2. Physical Education: We like to have healthy and active people who can make a positive contribution to society. Slow, unhealthy, and unhealthy people see us as positive contributors to society. Therefore, if we want individuals to live healthy lives, they must be physically fit. This includes sports, sports, athletics, and any other exercise that people are involved in. All of this teaches them to participate and work together because most games are played by teams. Some games are played as individual events but most are not so there is a lot of good learning going on here.
  3. Mental Education: It is the development of the mind and the foundation of education. How does a person improve his thinking ability and use his brain? It happens when in education we focus on creative and naturalistic thinking and creative thinking through activities that enable people to solve problems, come to decisions, give their opinions and recommendations, share their ideas, and so on. only if we force students to think for themselves then this mental education proves to be meaningful and fruitful.
  4. Health Education: Education is not a morning to afternoon activity, it happens outside of school and in the classroom as well. It happens both legally and informally. Learning through the use of other informal experiences such as circles and markets is also important for young people. If you only limit education to what is happening in the classroom, people will never learn much because the classroom in its true sense is a place of action.
  5. Social Education: We cannot live alone. We cannot survive because we cannot do everything for ourselves, we need other people who will help us in our lives so communication with people is important. Social education teaches us to cooperate, share, tolerate, listen, to think not only of ourselves but also of others. As the physical world becomes more and more realistic today and the world is shrinking to the point of globalization, it is very important that individuals today become accustomed to interacting with people in the way they interact with people in your cultural environment and other cultural settings.

EDU101 Handouts pdf download


EDU101 Handouts Download Here

EDU101: Foundations of Education Lectures (pdf)