CS706 Handouts pdf download | Software Quality Assurance Notes (pdf)

CS706 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Computer Science/Information Technology CS706 Handouts pdf

CS706: Software Quality Assurance Notes (pdf)

Software quality assurance (SQA) is a way to test whether software development projects are compliant with a set of pre-defined standards. Software quality assurance occurs before, during, and after the life cycle of software development.  CS706 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Introduction to Software Quality, Software Defects, Reasons of Poor Quality, Quality Laggards, Project Management Approaches, Cost and Economics of SQA, Quality Measurements, Software Requirements, and SQA, Requirements Defects, Writing Quality Requirements, Quality Attributes of Requirements Document, Software Design Model and Software Design Defects, Quality Design Concepts, Programming and SQA, SQA Reviews, CS706 Handouts pdf

Software Inspections, Software Testing – WBT Techniques, BBT Techniques, Testing Strategies, Debugging, Test Planning, Automated Software Testing, Test Cases, Responsibilities of Testers; SQA and SCM, SCM Plan and SQA Plan, Process Assurance, Process Management, and Improvement, Introduction to Quality Metrics, A Process Model of Software Quality Assurance.CS706 Handouts pdf

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CS706 Handouts pdf
CS706 Handouts pdf


CS706: Software Quality Assurance Notes (pdf)

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance is a process that works in conjunction with software development. It focuses on improving the software development process so that problems can be prevented before they become a major problems. Software Quality Assurance is a type of umbrella function used throughout the software process.

Importance of Software Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance is a reliable way to produce high-quality software. a high-quality software product will save you time and money. As a business, providing quality buying is one of your main goals. When you create software, quality assurance can ensure that your product, or software product, is a purchase.

Software Defects

A software defect is an error in writing a code that causes incorrect or unexpected results from a software program that does not meet the actual requirements. Examiners may encounter such errors when conducting test cases.
Benefits of Software Quality Assurance (SQA).

Benefits of Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

  • SQA produces high-quality software.
  • Improving the process of creating software.
  • Improves the quality of the software.
  • A high-quality application saves time and cost.
  • SQA is beneficial for better reliability.
  • SQA is beneficial in the condition of no maintenance for a long time.
  • High-quality commercial software increase the market share of the company.

Software Quality Assurance Plan

Briefly, as SQAP, a software quality assurance program incorporates processes, techniques, and tools used to ensure that a product or service complies with the requirements set out in SRS (software requirements).

Poor Quality

The term “poor quality” is used to describe a product that does not meet its specifications or fails to perform properly. It can also be used to describe a product with a defect.

Reasons for Poor Quality

  • Insufficient domain knowledge (causes poor requirements)
  • Insufficient technology knowledge (causes uncertainty about component quality)
  • Poor acquisition practices
  • Breakdown in team communication and coordination
  • Insufficient data for measuring software quality
  • Unrealistic schedules (caused by poor estimation practices)
  • Badly engineered software (caused by poor practice and/or weak software engineers)

Software Quality Assurance Activities

 SQA Management Plan

Make a plan of how you will do the SQA through the project. Consider which set of software engineering works best for a project. assess the level of skills of the SQA team

Set The Check Points

The SQA team must set up checkpoints. Evaluate project performance on the basis of data collected from different test points.

Multi testing Strategy

Do not rely on a single test method. If you have a lot of testing methods available use them.

Measure Change Impact

Changes to make an error correction sometimes also introduce additional errors keeping the scale of the impact of the change on the project. Reset new changes to check the compatibility of these fixes with the rest of the project.

Manage Good Relations

In the workplace managing, good relationships with other parties involved in project development are mandatory. The negative relationship between the SQA team and the editorial team will have a negative or negative impact on the project. Do not play politics.

CS706 HANDOUTS (pdf)

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CS706: Software Quality Assurance Notes (pdf)