CS703 Handouts pdf download | Advanced Operating Systems Notes (PDF)

CS703 Handouts pdf

Course Category: Computer Science/Information Technology CS703 Handouts pdf

CS703: Advanced Operating Systems Handouts (PDF)

Operating System (OS) is a software system that manages computer hardware, and software resources, and provides standard computer programming services. CS703 Handouts pdf

Course Outline

Introduction, Operating System: top-down and bottom-up views, design issues, modules and components, services and system calls, structure, and organization. Executable file formats, Static Linking, Dynamic linking, Loading programs into memory, Anatomy of a Process, Exceptional control flow, Context switching, Process related system calls, Threads, Concurrency, and synchronization: Race conditions, Mutual exclusion and problems arising from them, Locks, semaphores and condition variables, Design of Inter-process communication mechanisms, Readers/writers and producer/consumer problems, Re-entrant code and thread-safe libraries, CS703 Handouts pdf

Deadlock, Design alternatives for highly concurrent servers (research topic). CPU scheduling: Scheduling policies and algorithms, Scheduling algorithm comparison, Real-time, and multi-processor scheduling, Linux case study. Dynamic memory management: Internal design alternatives for malloc and free routines, Garbage collection. OS memory management: Memory protection, Program relocation, Memory partitioning techniques, Virtual memory, Paging and segmentation, TLB, and cache management. File systems: Naming issues, Design alternatives for file systems, Example file systems, and their comparison. I/O management:

Memory-mapped Vs Direct I/O, Interrupt driven Vs Polled I/O, Device controllers and device drivers, Naming issues, OS I/O architecture, Buffering techniques, Disk devices, and their management. Timer management in OS, Event notification mechanisms, UNIX signals, Security and protection: Security aspects in operating systems, Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, Security domains, and security models, Protection against worms and viruses, Protection against buffer overflow attacks, Windows case study, Linux case study, Java Security, State of the art OS research topics. CS703 Handouts pdf

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CS703 Handouts pdf
CS703 Handouts pdf


CS703: Advanced Operating Systems notes

What is an Operating System?

An operating system (OS) is a program that, after downloading the first program, controls all other applications. An operating system is the most important software that runs on a computer. It controls computer memory and processes, as well as all of its software and hardware. It also allows you to communicate with a computer without having to speak a computer language. Without the operating system, the computer is useless.

A Top-Down Approach

The approach to the top (also known as step-by-step design and step-by-step improvement and in some cases using the same word decay) is actually a system partition to gain insight into its sub-systems named in retrospective engineering. Looking up and down the whole system view is built, specified, but not specified, any sub-level systems. Each sub-system is then filtered with additional details, sometimes at multiple levels of the sub-system, until all specifications are reduced to basic features.

Bottom-Up Design Approach

The way up is to integrate systems to create complex systems, thus making real systems into smaller parts of an emerging system. Low-level processing is a form of processing information based on incoming data from nature to form an idea. In this design, each component of the system is specified in detail. The parts are connected to make large parts, which are then reassembled until a complete system is created. An object-focused language such as C ++ or java uses a downward spiral when each object is first identified.


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CS703: Advanced Operating Systems Handouts (PDF)